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Reheating Advice Needed......

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OK - we have a big birthday bash this weekend coming up. I'm gonna smoke a couple briskets, couple beer-can cluckers, 3 or 4 racks of ribs and a fatty or two.

So here is my problem. Due to my schedule at work - I have to smoke everything on Thursday (2 days prior). So what is the best way and process to go about reheating these items? Is it even possible?

I'm sure it can me done - maybe slow and in the oven - what about covered - not covered? Ahh - I just don't know - how about some help here!

Thanks in advance for the help!
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I can't speak for re-heating briskets, but recently I had to do the same thing with pork. I smoked porkbutts for pulled pork the day before. I pulled and sauced the pork like normal into a foil pan. I then covered the pan with HD foil and refrigerated overnight. The next day I put the pan, covered, in a 250F oven for about 2and 1/2 hours.

I think you could do the same. The fatties would reheat in a microwave. The chix, ribs, and brisket would probably take a couple hours covered in the oven. I would probably slice the brisket, and cut the chix and ribs the day they are smoked.

Please let us know what you end up doing and how it works out.


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Jake, use the oven and reheat everything to an internal temp of 140* or higher. I'll sometimes reheat to 160* and then keep everything above 140* for serving.
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Re: Reheating Advice Needed......

Firenan Jake

As Brothers Dutch and Meowy suggest keeping your reheating/serving temperatures a bit above 140 degrees addresses the 'Food Safety Issue"

Sounds all good to me :)


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