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Is the galvanizing coat on that trash can an issue? I have often thought of this--I know it is poisonous when you try to weld it without grinding the coat off first.
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i did a lot of reading on that topic, what i found was that the coating doesn't vaporise until it hits aroung 300 deg. and second, once you hold at 300 the coating burns off which is why i let the thing glow for an hour or so. so if i stop posting in 2 or 3 months you'll all know i was wrong
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Just load up on---

Just load up on your coals and get her up to 400---what the hell? Nice job:-)
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Mods my friend and I made

Hi All. I added a baffle of aluminum which draws the heat/smoke under some distribution grates I purchased at HD. I also added a dryer vent to the smokestack which I have since cut down and put more towards the back to try to gain some grill space back.

Hope this helps anyone looking to modify.
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i had to cut the reg. off my propain line and put one in with more adjustability becouse it would get to hot so i went to the store and got one that is made for a mr. heater and it works ok i did not find a better one
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Tuner tents?

This is my home made smoker in the building stages...couple months ago. The piece between the tanks is the heat transfer chamber. There is nothing in between these tanks other than that chamber which is 29 in. x 8 in. x 5 in. fire in the tank below meat at mid tank above. have been reading some about baffles and tuning plates. this is my thought on this matter for my smoker.

3 individual pieces 6 in. by 6 in. slices for smoke distribution. 1/8 in. metal

set in top tank over heat transfer chamber. also have fire bricks lining bottom tank since the beginning fires....we'll see how it goes.....any thoughts are welcomed. thanks fer lookin'!
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Mods to my Craiglist special

I spent the time when the site was down taking advice and making some mods. I opened the burn chamber to the cooking are (I could not get any heat) I also put a stack on and placed two more opening up high on the burn box to get a better crosswind.

A cheap cast iron Habachi for convection.

Enlarged opening

Stack added

stack opening close to grill!

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Cold smoker

Hmmm uses a fan to blow smoke into chamber
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I have some bakers racks

Thay actually came from a bakery I think they are chromed? I wonder if I could use them in my smoker?
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i have more room

i have a Brinkman water smoker and what i did for more room was take 3 soup cans and put my bottom rack in then placed the cans evenly spaced on the outer most part stacked more ribs and 3 cans cut in half another grate more ribs and then the last "or top rack" then 3 more cans "the left over halfs and then another grate and more ribs.................Now i have "some left over ribs" !!!!!!!!!!! and we are not fightingPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif over the last rib!!!icon_cool.gif
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tuning plates

anyone thought or tried making tuning plates from ceramic floor tile? some thoughts would be appreciated.
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Hey Modders and Bulders

I am looking into finally building my own smoker
I want to use a 60 gallon horizontal tank for the smoker and a 25 gallon tank OR 30lb propane tank or keg for the Side firebox.

Stack on the opposite of the Side Fire box.
Stack 12" above smoker but lower than the meat rack.

1) Should I baffle the stack
2) Should I make more than 1 stack
3) does the side firebox need venting and if so, where should I put these vents?

4) How much of an opening should there be between the Side firebox and the smoker
5) Would it be better to mount a firebox below the smoker or off to the side?
The side ones seem easier to maintain
6) Can these tanks be cut with an angle grinder or can I use a Reciprocating, Sawzall, the steel is around 1/8" -3/16" thick, what has everyone else used to cut their tanks?
7) should I install some type of heat collection plate or something below the meat rack or will the steel body be good enough?
8) will Barbecue paint hold up on these custo smokers, what is everyone else using?

Any and all tips are welcome, thanks.
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Thoughts on a modifications

So Grouper Sandwich approached me the other day about making a few modifications to our Brinkmann Pitmasters. What we want to do is make them a reverse flow what I'm thinking is change the location of the stack to the top next to the firebox and braze a 1/8 inch piece of sheet metal to attempt to control the hot spots and to create the reverse flow. I have had this grill/smoker for about six years but have never been a huge fan of the grates and am thinking of making an expanded metal grate for it.

Also the stack has a bend in it. What I am wondering is does the height of the stack matter? If I cut the stack at the bend and use that for the new stack will that affect anything?

Any thoughts or suggestions on this are greatly appreciated.


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