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Propane Smoker Modifications

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Folks, Here's your chance to post the modifications and (hopefully) pictures of what you did to your smoker to make it work better. This topic will remain as a sticky so all the new folks don't have to hunt to far to find it.
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Re: Propane Smoker Modifications

Wasn't quite sure where to post my mods since I went from a charcoal/wood Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe (BSKD) and converted over to a propane rig. I checked with Dutch and he said put it here. So here goes.

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Re: Propane Smoker Modifications

I'm new here, but thought I would make my 2nd post worthwhile. I just got a GOSM for my Bday, and while seasoning it, realized real quick that the smoke box had to go. Read a few post about coffee cans, ect, but had a 10" skillet sitting w/ my camping stuff that I tried. Fit like a champ and held alot more wood. Turn the handle in the corner and it seems like it was made for it, and also make it easy to slide out to add more wood. Took a little longer to get smoke, but seemed like it smoked just like the box once hot.
Try it and let me know. :D
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I use one of those cast iron skillets in the "Smokorator" and is ideal, even after the handle fell off. So cheap too, think I paid $4 Au for it. Took the total cost of the "Smokorator" to $24 Au though, and it has only been going for about a year so far. I expect many more out of an investment like that . Chuckle.
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I did the coffee can modifications. It holds alot more wood then the little square box.


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been gone

Hey Dutch,

Been gone for awhile...did you ever get the turkey fryer temperature control working?

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For those of you who are tired of messing around with charcoal and like me ... not the handiest man on the planet! .... and consequently have been thinking of coverting to propane. I have converted my Brinkman charcoal vertical water smoker and more recently my horizontal side firebox model.
When I have some pictures, I will post them, but in the meantime you can find all the info you need at this website;


They will custom build to suit and ship it to ya ....
You will also save a lot of wood, 'cause you just put a chunk in a 48 oz. juice can and place it where they show you and it will produce smoke in less than 60 seconds.
I usually get 1 1/2 to 2 hours per can ... not bad ...eh?

Pictures are from their site:
1st is smoker sitting on burner after legs and charcoal pan removed.
2nd is showing can placement and
3rd is can placement for a horizontal model (side firebox)

And no ... I don't work for them ... just a happy customer!
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Thanks Dutch and Sqeezy

Thanks fellas! I was so sick of running out to the smoker every 15 min. to check on my charcoal, that I decided to "go gas". I was prepared to plop down $200-$400 dollars on a new propane smoker. Well not now, I am going to buy the conversion kit and save myself some $.

Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS You may have also saved a marriage!LOL
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Glad to be of help ....what type of smoker are you using XTexan?
Oh! ...good luck with the marriage!
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I am using the (previously) New Braunfels Smoker
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Excelent tutorial Rodger! I may steal some of those ideas!

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Would you mind sharing the parts that are needed to accomplish this?

I already have an 80000 btu burner( turkey fryer style).

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Hi Trevor,

The gas valve is part #2E854 from W W Grainger. The pilot generator is also from grainger and the part # is1RC59.

I bought the thermostat from an appliance parts store. It is just a standard electric oven t'stat that has a on/off click at the bottom of the rotation and then is calibrated from 150* up to 500* if I remember correct. It is important to have to on/off clicker at the bottom so you can shut the burner completely off and the pilot stay lit.

Also this valve has to be used with a low pressure burner and regulator. I bought a 100,000 BTU regulator from the hardware store that operates at 11" water column. Some of the burners and regulators for deep fryers and things like that are high pressure and work on 10# pressure. This will blow the diaphragm out in the valve and it will fail.

A member named Smoking Stang did this mod in his Smoke Vault propane smoker and it worked on that unit. It still works fine in mine but I have been burning more charcoal and wood lately just for the heck of it.

Hope this helps, if you need any more info just post or PM me and I will help any way I can.
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Hay your just the guys to ask, I also have a New Braunfels Vertical Smoker, "Hondo" I think it is, which I have used for five years. I've placed a $10 Harbor Freight gas burner and cast iron skillet in the fire box for better low end temp control and use a bag of cube ice in the drip pan to cool the smoke even further. This works well for homemade jerky, bacon and sausage. Now I'm building a larger fridge smoker with a remote fire box and am wondering if I shouldn't go with gas there too? I'd intended to lay a brick fire box and use a long flue to the old Frigidaire with river rock in the bottom for a smoke diffuser. What do y'all think would be the best way to go, real fire or gas and wood chips?
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cajunsmoker, your pictorial is great! It is exactely what I was looking for...actually more than I was looking for. Dang it, back to the drawing board ...again. Now my conversion is getting more complicated, thanks. Seriosly though, thanks for the slide show and info. That is going to help out ALOT.
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i've been reading the posts about gas/heat control issues & though i don't own 1, i was thinking about ideas for controlling the gas for lower temps.i'll have to do the research, but what about an inline valve(like old houses that had gas room heaters) or a regulator from an oxy/acetylene rig ?? or would the hose be too big ? has anyone tried this? i'm curious because i'm thinking about going propane for my smoke&grill for winter time.
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The only thing approaching a mod that I've done to my GOSM is to replace the smoke box with a bread pan to accomodate chunks for longer smoke times.
I do have a needle valve that I bought that I am going to install post regulator for low end temp control.
I'm contemplating lithium powered digital thermometers mounted below the second and fourth grate levels but not committed to it yet.
Will post pics when I get things together after middle of July when I get back from vacation.
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gosm little mod for shelf

here is a little mod i did for a shelf to hold my wireless thermometer just some zip ties and the lid to the old wood box (replaced with a $1.69 loaf pan from grocerie store).Attachment 3431
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Mods by smoker type?

Hello Dutch, maybe after enough data has been collected, it could be broken down by type of propane smoker. This might help members zero-in on applicable mods. Just a thought... but then again, everytime I think, nothing happens.( Thee Stooges)
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There is "one" Mod id like to express a concern here for safety issues and thats trying to get a burner to produce a lower flame then what it was designed and tested for, for one its dangerous, the flame can go out very easily and have a gas build up and one spark from the wood box when you open the smoker door can set it off and you'll find yourself in the neighbors yard looking really stupid (but funnyPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif ) what if there was a child nearby that got hurt, can you live with that? honestly could you take the chance?
now im not saying "you cant do that" just be wise in doing it and using it and if your new to your gosm learn it more before you do any mods and if you have kids really think twice before you do it.
I commented on a safe way in doing this by using a $10 electric hot plate from wal-mart and thats cheeper then a scar for life on a kid, just think about it first ok even im thinking about making a mod like that but i'll opt to using a hot plate, even i dont want to look like a foolicon_smile.gif
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