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Char Broil heat problems

I just read through quite a few posts and think i know what i need to do to make me "new" 2nd smoker work better. Tryed smoking a 3lbs brisket (babysteps) yesterday and it came out just a few steps from a disaster.... It was the first smoke i did in this smoker i bought used for $25. Seems that the temp is about 100 degrees hotter in thermometer hight then grate hight. Thermometer says 230 but placing the probe by the grates it says 125...After 5 hrs of smoking the internal temp was only 132 degrees. I can built a baffel, not a problem as i made one for my Bandera, but i am not sure a chimney extension will help that much since the center of the chimney cutout is placed about 2 1/2" - 3" over the cooking grates. Would it help to move the chimney further down? And if so, how far?? Would like any input to as anybody think these mods will help make this a good little smoker or is it not worth the work.
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i want to do a few simple mods to my offset smoker this spring (chimney extension, charcoal basket, baffle)

i have access to a metal fab shop at work and am wondering if a 409 Stainless Steel is OK material to use
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stainless steel is the business. 316 grade is for food and medical, but 304 should be fine, too. mild/carbon steel is the norm and it's got far more impurities in it than 304 grade stainless.
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I have a side fire box and I have a super hot spot next to the fire box into about half of the oven. I put a small baffel plate in it but its not cutting it. I have been reading up on this thread and have to make a better one! I also will have to make a coal basket.
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turned mine into a propane smoker with my turkey fryer burner. the charcoal smoker slid right on the burner and it burns good low temp for along timesmokin32.bmp

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Got any more pics.  I have a turkey fryer burner that I think is similar that I no longer use.  I tried sitting my brinkman charcoal smoker down on it and it slid down to the water pan tabs.  I think it will work like yours but I lack the knowledge to put it all together.  Where do you put your wood for the smoke?

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0711131809a.jpg 22k .jpg file





0711131810.jpg 25k .jpg file





0711131808a.jpg 26k .jpg file




Just finished doing some mods to my new COS($299). 4 horizontal latches to help tighten door seals($20), 2 water resistent ports($6) for maverick732 probes($59.99), flex dryer duct ($3) added to chimney to bring it to food level,baffle at firebox side($1 throwaway foil pan)), charcoal basket  ($25 for sheet of expandable steel), tuning plates from old broiler pans I had in the basement ($0), they have slots and or wholes in them and disperse heat and smoke nicely, I also put 6 fireplace bricks($18) in the bottom of the barrel( good for long smokes, hold heat nicely), $96 for a thermopen, Almost forgot, after I took the pics, I put a bead of Rutland RTV 500 degree silicone all around the smoker door,so between that and the clamps, I'm hoping for no heat or smoke loss. The rest of the smoker doesn't leak except the firebox which is OK. So for a total of $528 ,I'll find out Saturday (want to give the RTV enough time to dry) if I have a great smoker that I didn't pay all that much for(and I enjoyed doing the mods), or if I should have waited till I could afford a $1000 or more smoker. I don't want electric or gas, I enjoy the challenge.

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Great work nightsmoker, plus you'll always have the thermo pen and Maverick...good tools to have!

Remember the fire box is important to be leak resistant also!
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thought as you need airflow into the firebox, a little leaking wouldn't matter as much?

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Originally Posted by nightsmoker824 View Post

thought as you need airflow into the firebox, a little leaking wouldn't matter as much?
when it's windy you'll get temp spikes and when you want real low and slow too much air is bad.

You want complete temp control from the intake...not from leaks also.
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Oh well back to Harbor Freight to get 2 more horizontal clamps, got plenty of Rutlands left, then again I'm sure the firebox is alot hotter than 500 degrees, better just try the clamps first. Thanks FWI

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Stove gasket is good to use...that is if you haven't already
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thanks I'll check it out

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You can't use the Rutland Black RTV on the firebox. It gets way too hot.

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