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i want to throw a few bell peppers in the smoker with some sausages i am smoking. they are just plain, not stuffed.
any suggestion on method/time??
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V-since bells are rather thin-fleshed, I would only smoke them for about an hour if your running your smoker between 230-250*. I would cut off the top, remove the seeds-maybe give the outside of the peppers a rub with some EVOO8 and sprinkle them with some salt and pepper then place them in the smoker. You can replace the tops on the peppers if you wish, I just cut around the stem, medium dice the top of the pepper and add it to a tossed salad.

*extra virgin olive oil
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Re: peppers??

thanks for the quick reply...they are in the smoke now! i also gave a quick spray of apple cider inside the peppers. i'll let u know how they turn out.
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I always make sure to use a large kosher salt. The large flakes make the flavor jump out
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