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Another good program for doing percentage resizing is ReaConverter. I used that exclusively before I found out about the PowerToys for XP. I've used PowerToys forever, and that's a nice new one :)
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Thanks for this one Ranger, much appreciated.
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Yes sirree bub , that was easy and it works.
To bad I didn't realize that it was on my hard drive already.....Found that out when I did the download.
Thank God I don't make my living with a PC.icon_smile.gif
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I need one that will work with Vista . Man I hate this program. Will be going back to XP Pro soon . Oh did I say I hate Vista .
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When I use my resizer, the smallest I get is 240x320 ... where do you go from there?
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Thanks! Needed one.
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Does it save the smaller file with a new filename?

Never save over your original file. It's your "negative"!
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10 posts by the same person......all ya suppose it could be considered to be spam???........LOLOL
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A great little FREE program you can use on any Windows operating system is IRFANVIEW.EXE. You can d/l from Cnet or most any download site or from their own ( It gives several methods to resize, but for thumbnail pics I've found that you can use the 'percent' and change it from 100% to 15 - 20% for thumbs - just change one number and they both change. You can crop your pics, and the 'adjust color' works wonders on dim lit pics, plus hit every one with the 'sharpen' tool. You can import from a scanner also. It's free and non-cripple and non-time bombed.
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if you want easy try this one. About two clicks and all your pictures will be resized.

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Try the VSO image resizer - it integrates into VIsta and works easily with a right-click!

I've been Using Power Toys since Windows 95 - maybe they'll give us some for Vista to help fix it.
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