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ground beef fatty

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Has anyone ever tried smoking a chub of ground beef?

I have a lot of chili/tex mex recipes that all start out with "brown 1# ground beef" :roll: Seems like a crumbled up ground beef fattie would make butt kickin enchilada's :D (or tacos, or burritos.....)
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Re: ground beef fatty

Hey, Rodger,

Seems to me that if you double ground the beef and used a binder you would still end up with meatloaf. But if that "Meatloaf Fattie" were to be spiced and enhanced then we might have something to work with for ABTs and such. Not to mention breakfast sandwiches and so on and so forth. Interesting experiment!

Might try it when I get to run some sausage in a few weeks.

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Re: ground beef fatty

I've already decided to give it a shot this weekend. I picked up a turkey breast to throw on the grates Saturday and I might as well put on something else, it will take the same amount of gas anyway. I plan to simply make a roll of ground beef without spices or binder and smoke it untill done. We'll see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :D
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Re: ground beef fatty

I'm with ya, Brother! We'll all be watching for the food porn which you are so good at!

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Re: ground beef fatty

Maybe some taco seasoning in the ground beef :shock: and onions and halapenos and :?:
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Re: ground beef fatty

Roger…what about some injections while still in the tube, mmmmmm?

Maybe garlic butter in one end and sirarchi sauce in the other? or lard it with spikes of longhorn or havarti cheese! C’mon ya big Gurl! LOL! Now I’ve went and done it! :twisted: wink.gif
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Re: ground beef fatty

Maybe I need to do more than one 8) . I want one that is plain. That way I can add seasoning later to go in whatever direction I am headed.

But ground beef is pretty cheap;

So keep giving me idea's and I will do five of them :D . (in case the pic ain't very clear, the ad says "sold in 5# chubs")
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Re: ground beef fatty

I might be totally off the wall but here goes anyway.

Mix one pound of ground beef with chili powder to your taste, add two or three ounces shredded mozzarella or pepper jack cheese, sharp cheddar would be an option, and form into a chub. Brush lightly with an egg wash and then roll into a plate of crushed Cheez-it crackers, pressing the crackers into the chub. Smoke as you would.

Just a thought!
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Re: ground beef fatty

Sounds good Monty.

Rodger, please post some pics.

I think you are on to something 8)
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Sounds fun, but isn't smoked ground beef chub just a plain meatloaf?

Don't get me wrong I love meatloaf, and if you figure an easier way to make one let me know. Can not smoke for about 2 weeks, but when I do, this sounds like a great experiment.
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Re: ground beef fatty

To me a meatloaf has onions, peppers, bread crumbs, egggs, catsup or some other type condiment, and is cooked then sliced. I just want to smoke a chub of ground beef and crumble it up to make tacos and stuff.
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Re: ground beef fatty

I'd like to know how that turns out,sounds like a good idea.I like to try
smoking different things for enchiladas,quesadillas, etc. I wonder how
that would be in spaghetti. I tried a recipie that I saw on rachael ray,
she called it cowboy spaghetti. It turned out real good , called for a
pound of ground sirloin. I used ground chuck ,but I bet the smoked beef
would be pretty good. Just an idea.
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yo y,all,
sometimes i smoke hamburgers.
i will make into patties --
enough to fill up one of my grates.

its just me and my honey here.
she will not eat the same dish 2 days in a row.

so some burgers get crumbled up and used for
tacos or spaghetti. = yumm

today its not raining--
when i finish this post i will start my 2 hr chicken quarter cure

todays menu will be from--
5 lb chicken leg quarters--
4 brats from new butcher shop--
a maple fatty---
1 rak of stl. style ribs.

that should handle us till sunday.

i luv this place
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Sounds like you're on to something Rodger. If you do a beef fatty for tacos or enchiladas, I think that rolling the chub in a low sodium taco or enchilada seasoning would be an added plus.
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Re: ground beef fatty

Hey Dutch,

I took your advice and rolled the fatties in taco seasoning and then smoked the little critters down to 180 degrees so they would crumble apart. I found some apple wood chips and mixed it with cherry for the flavor. I tasted some of the meat and it is killer. I have turkey for dinner tonight but tomorrow I see Taco's and nacho's for the NFL games. 8)

Here are the fatties when I pulled them out of the smoker at 180<

Here they are after I chunked them up to cool;

Hope everyone has a great day 8)
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I was looking forward to some football today, but I have to work.
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