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Never had ribs but the rest of the gator is usually very lean. If it taste like fish I wouldn't eat it, taste closer to chicken or pork tenderloin.

I would think more like 2 2.5 1 to give them more time in the foil/liquid. I would also add some butter or other fat to the foil. This is just a guess though since I have never had the ribs
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The "fish", "chicken", or "pork" taste that alligator has depends on weather it is farm raised or wild. What they eat determines their flavor. If they are wild they eat more fish, if they are farm raised they are fed chicken or pork scraps. It also depends on where they live, just like catfish, the nastier and muddier the water the nastier and muddier they taste.
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I love alligator so much! Delicious!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Yes I would think hot and fast like frog legs or squid would be good. 

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