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gas run out

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I currently have a mustang electric smoker and I do love it, I was thinking about a GOSM big block, I was wondering what everyone's experience has been with how long a tank of gas would last? Have you ever run out of gas? This would be great for the newer houses that have gas heat and they have that outside tap for like a gas grill, kind of like a water spicket.

Just wondering, seems like a lot of people have these smokers...
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Re: gas run out


My GOSM big block will generally last out three butt smokes on a tank. Small butts, about 5 lbs, about 24 hrs total time at a little less than half throttle. BUT! I will share the same advice I gave Buzzard!

Repeat after me, "Spare tank, Spare tank, Spare tank". There that should do it!

I do not know if you can get a GOSM in Natural Gas as opposed to Propane. (LPG)

For my druthers I prefer LPG because the unit is portable.

Hope this helps!

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Re: gas run out

About two long smokes and you should always have a spare full tank.
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Re: gas run out

I have the smaller GOSM. I find that I get about 30-35 hours out of a tank. I did run a tank out while smoking a meat loaf on labor day. I caught it about a half hour after it went out. Switched to the "spare tank", fired it up, and finished.

Monty's advice is sound. "Spare tank"


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Re: gas run out

Here is some info that might be helpfu. They make a propane level indicator gauge to go onto the tank for monitoring the amount of gas left in the bottle. I am going to get one for my smoker...
check it out here....

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Re: gas run out

Thanks guys, sound advice! I've already been in the middle of grilling up some steaks and the tank runs out... :x
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Re: gas run out

I was waiting for all the GOSM guys to answer before I butted in. :D My BSKD that I modified goes about 24 hours on a tank of gas. I had wondered how it compared to the GOSM. Sounds like it is about the same as a big block. Also, the gas watch thingy is for sale at our local Lowes here. Might want to check yours.
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Re: gas run out

Hey, Folks!

The only drawback to the gas indicator thingies is that they will tell you that your tank is about to go empty. Or maybe you might have enough. Or maybe you might not have quite enough. So, if you take your almost empty tank to fill it up you are still charged the price of a full fill up. I prefer to have an extra and run a tank out totally and get what I pay for at fill up time.

Just my way of thinking!

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Re: gas run out

I have one of those inline propane fuel guages. It never worked. I did had good luck with the weight guage my Weber gas grill had. In a humid climate just wait till the burner has been on for a while and there will be a moisture on the tank up to the top of the propane level in the tank.
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Re: gas run out

Qk..now I know more about this GOSM unit...want to do hams, sausage etc...are these used for this or is there other units I should be looking at? Thanks
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Re: gas run out

The GOSM can handle anything you can fit into it. Although it is primarily designed for hot smoking you can also cold smoke in it!

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I take it "The Big Block" is the best unit?
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I remember on the old GOSM site where someone had a separate smoke/fire chamber that was connected via flexible tubing to one of the air intake vents on his GOSM. If I recall, there was an in-line fan to help the smoke move from the smoke/fire chamber to the GOSM. Distance between the chamber and the GOSM was 7-8 feet. Perfect set up for cold smoking!
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Re: gas run out

Gonna have to visit my local HD to get a bird's eye view of this unit. Hope they have one. Is there a website for these?
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Re: gas run out

Interesting thought Dutch...Thanks
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Re: gas run out

Well, Cajun_1, here's my thoughts on that.

Whether or not the GOSM Big Block gasser is the best or not it is the best for me. I needed capacity and with my personal situation do not have the time to spend nurturing a wood fire. Hence I purchased the gas fired model. When I pull my plug for good I will have already built a smokehouse and will have a wood offset of some type.

Another way of looking at it comes from the late Bill Jordon who was a former lawman turned author. He was asked which gun is the best to have in a gunfight. His answer, "The one that's closest to your hand!"

So whatever you have and can afford to have will smoke meat. How the product turns out is up to you!

Hope this helps your decisions!

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Re: gas run out

srmonty..was just asking if the "Big Block" was the best model in the GOSM line. Hope I didn't ruffle feathers..wasn't my intentions..my apoligies.
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Re: gas run out

Oh, gosh no! :D

I was just trying to impress upon you that there is no "best" smoker! Guess I kinda blew that one out!

And yes, if I were to pick a GOSM style smoker it would be the Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain Big Block Gasser. Uhh, wait a minute! I already did! wink.gif

Rest easy, friend! I sometimes over explain myself! And as for the quote from Bill Jordan, we have folks who have cobbed up some really neat smokers out of literally the trash pile! So the best smoker for them is the one closest!

Hope this helps!
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Thanks friend..
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cajun_1, If you can find a GOSM Big Block in Stainless Steel, then you'd have the Top o' the Line GOSM. Double walled construction to retain the heat . . .oh well, those haven't been available since the Great Outdoor Smokey Mountain Company was bought out by a Canadian outfit. I don't think they have any plans to re-introduce the SS models any time soon. :(
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