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Smokin Newbie

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Just thought I would say that I am new to the message board and am looking forward to learning all I can about smoking different meats, so that I can make them taste the best I can
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Re: Smokin Newbie

Welcome to SMF Cubsfan. :D Glad to have you on board.

Be sure and let us know what kind of smoker you are using and any questions you may be having or any suggestions you would like to make.

Anyway, grab a cold one and jump right in.
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Re: Smokin Newbie

Welcome to the SMF Cubsfan!

So, you wanna learn all you can? By golly you have come to the right place! And you have a lot of reading ahead of you all packed with info for free that if published for profit most folks could not afford!

First, though, jump into Jeff's Five Day Basic Smoking Course. It is free and packed with info. Then pick a forum thread and read through it. Start with the stuff that you are most interested in and go from there.

And finally, post your questions and share your smoking results! And we love pictures! We call'em food porn!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy! You are among friends!

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Re: Smokin Newbie

Welcome to SMF cubsfan!!! Glad you made it, there is definately alot to be learned here.
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Re: Smokin Newbie


Please consider taking Jeff's 5-Day E-course on smoking basics. Ask lots of questions. Ask lots of questions. The folks here know smoke.


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Re: Smokin Newbie

Cubsfan, Welcome to the board. Monty is right.. You did come to the right place. I have no idea how I found this place and I am happy I did. I guess it ws just ment to be. The folks here are die hard smokers and have plenty to share. Feel free to post away.

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Welcome, Cubsfan-You have come to the best place on the 'net for learning the Art of the Thin Blue Smoke. Members here are great at helping a newbie along. Don't be surprised when you ask your first "How do I . . .?" question and you end up with more answers than you know what to do with. We'll do what we can to help make your next smoke the best you ever had-but you have to do your part as well-know your smoker and how to control your temps. Ask questions in the proper forum and if you don't know where to post it, put it in General Discussions and it will get answered.

Looking forward to your growing with SMF.

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Re: Smokin Newbie

Welcome aboard Cubbie!! There is a plethera of knowledge here for ya to pick up!!
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Re: Smokin Newbie

Welcome cubsfan!!!! This is definitely the place for you! I also recommend thay you take the 5-day smoking course as well. Pretty much anything you want to know about smoking...you WILL find the answer here.

God Bless!!
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Welcome Cubs... grab a cold one, nad jump right into the show. You are of the big time. have a question, post it answers will come. Have some knowledge or kow the answer to somebody else's question. Share that as well.

Edit your signature with your equipment, it makes it easier to help you if your get stuck, or helps out if somebody else needs to ask you for help.
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