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Re: 1st Time Smokin Anything!!!

how do they say it?? oh yeah...hook, line, and sinker, another one addicted. Great job!
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Jake, great looking pit and a great job on the smoke-nice pic's too, btw. As for the smoke ring-where there is a heavy fat covering on the meat such as an untrimmed packer brisket, there won't be much of a ring in the meat on the fat side. Any ring that is created will be lost when you trim off the fat before serving. The smoke ring is created when the nitrates/nitirtes in the meat react with the smoke. Once the meat passes through the 140* mark the reaction stops.

So how did the family like them "Wicked Baked Beans"?
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Ohhh Man!!!!! They loved them "Wiked" Beans as much as the brisket!!! Many thanks for that wonderful recipe!!! I can't wait to smoke some more!!!!
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Hey Jake does your fireman friend need any more friends?

I'm in need of a new smoker...uh I mean nice fireman friend
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We could always need more friends!!! I asked him if he would make me one back in December '05, and he just delivered last week! That's how busy he is!
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That is a really nice looking smoker. I would agree, your fire grate looks a little high. You can just trim the edges so it sits down farther.

I'd suggest the minion method for maintaining temps. Your smoker is just a little bigger than mine, so results may vary. Just keep trying different things and eventually you will find a routine that works well for you.

About the guys that set it and go to bed... there are auto-feed smokers out there that will maintain a good temp for a long time. But ours don't do that. I have to check my fire at least once every hour, sometimes every 30 minutes if it is fluctuating a lot.
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I converted my charcoal Brinkmann vertical to propane. Now maintaining temperature is a snap. I can set the dial and watch the temperature rise...then turn it back down a little to maintain a set temperature. I like this much better than having to add more wood and lump charcoal to raise the temp...Now all I do is add more hickory, etc. when it quits smoking.. Temperature stays the same. Works good for me...I will be on fire this weekend...The neighborhood will no I am smokin...hehe!!!
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