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Maple or Walnut?

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I'm a new smoker and I have some seasoned maple on my property. I will probably use that for some chops and ribs. What size chunks works the best? Also I have some walnut. Does that work well?
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Re: Maple or Walnut?

IMHO, maple make very good smoke (sweet and lite). Walnut, while a nut producing hardwood, makes better furniture (dark, oily, and heavy).

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Re: Maple or Walnut?

You would probably enjoy any food smoked with maple. As previously stated walnut looks good as your dining room table.

Have fun.

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How about eating maple smoked food on a walnut table?
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Re: Maple or Walnut?

Heya, Guaves13!

I heat with wood and have a great deal of maple and cherry on hand. Unfortunately my property does not support my heating style so I buy log length maple and cherry pulpwood and process it here.

I have found that when processing the maple and cherry that it is best to cut the logs cross grain at about two inches into "rounds" or disks. I have tried three inches and more and that does not seem to work as well as the thinner cut. From there I place on a hard surface and prop one edge up and whack the piece with a hammer splitting the round into two inch thick chunks of varying size. Works great in the smoker!

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