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turkey meatloaf

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Has anyone ever smoked a turkey meatloaf?
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Re: turkey meatloaf

yo shellbellc dudette,
i smoke 50/50 meatloaf all the time.

thats half turkey chub 25%fat
and half ground round. 10% fat
1 lb each

you must have
chopped and diced green pepper
small diced onion
mortons sausage and meat loaf seasoning
1/2 cup instant oatmeal

i roll loaf in tin foil--
then unwrap loaf so smoke can get to meat on 3 sides.
then in smoker till 166 f internal meat temp

yumm yumm
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Re: turkey meatloaf

I've smoked whole turkeys, turkey breasts, and turkey legs and smoked turkey is wonderful. I've smoked beef meatloaf and is it much better than oven baked. :D Therefore, I must come to the conclusion that turkey meatloaf would probably be good but I haven't cooked one.
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Trust me...the Turkey Meat Loaf is excellent...I just did one last weekend...It passed all tests...and of course didn't last too long either...LOL...
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What do you mean you "roll the loaf in tin foil"? I just want to understand so I wont mess up.
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