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i want info

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does anyone know where i can get a copy of
'cutting up in the kitchen"
by merle ellis.

i will not put my money info online!

so i need a mail order or phone order place.

thank you
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To get a copy of Cutting Up in the Kitchen write to Merle Ellis directly at:

Merle Ellis
PO Box 907
Tiburon, CA 94920

The books are $9.95 ea plus $2.00 for shipping

The book is out of print so act fast to get your copy.
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Re: i want info

yo cheech,
a few months ago i wrote a snail mail to that address..
i didnt get any responce..
i called the phone of merle ellis in tiburon--
out of service..

but on the good foot----
my brother is sending me a used copy he bought at amazon..

at this time my question [for book] is...
the correct way to debone a whole pork loin---
after cutting the roasts off of both ends.

i want the boneless pork loin and the country sytle ribs...

the meat packet shelf filler people,
will cut for free,
called sliced for free
the roast ends.

i do luv the small roasts cooked in my crock pot.

while i may be the captain of this ship--
its the flag ship .
so i have a admiral on deck every day!!!
she likes the country style ribs on my smoker..

and i cant imagine any one not liking smoked boneless pork loin.

she has some type of mental block against pork chops..

oh well--
theres more than 1 way to skin a cat..
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Larry I wish I could help with this although I would imagine that someone like Dutch who has a history as a butcher and would know.
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