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Re: Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse

I did Illini's mods this past weekend. All went well for the most part:

The vent went fine, but I'm still sourcing the stack/pipe part. I looked at drain pipe for a sink (chrome, 1.5 or 1.25 inch), but neither fit right on the 1" nipple I used. It a stack even necessary? Right now, I'm just using washers over the top to control the vent action...

I needed to add the angle iron, but like a couple others here, my seal sags at the bottom of the door. The install here was a bit more tricky, since I had to take the door off, remove a plastic cap from the bottom of the door, and finagle the seal a bit to make some room so I could attach the angle iron. It worked okay though.

Also added the two door latches.

I'm inthe early stages right now of my first smoke with the mods and I can already see the difference that vent makes.
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That's a good job Randalldad
The stack is for looks only...I lay washers or whatever works for you on top of the pipe nipple most of the time and it works good

How did the butt turn out?

BTW...........Hey Masterbuilt guys look at the drip catcher Randalldad did......this is very important if you don't want drippings of questionable origin ending up on the meat you are smoking......Good job randalldad...much better picture than I had!
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New seal design

The seal on the 2007 model looks different then yours. Hopefully they fixed it. It is more of a tubing and less like a refrigator seal.
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Here are some photos of the new seal and air damper.

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Shield for display

I had a hard time reading the display outside yesterday. Anyone rig up a shield?

A tube or 3 sided viewing shield seems like it would help.
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yea it's tough to see in direct sunlight......but I usually just cup my hand over it.........
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Thanks for the pics elkhorn

Nice to have a close-up look at the new version
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How is it about Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse with aluminum plates in some parts? i think aluminum is more lasting than some soft steel... some steel corrodes fast...

aluminum plate
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You don't have to do these mods anymore. It comes from the factory "fixed" now.
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