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I finally got around to making a batch of the goose sausage. What an awesome taste. Although I had some trouble finding some of the exact ingredients, I improvised on a few and even used some wild boar I recently shot in Florida for the pork. My wife loved it and she is not a big fan of goose meat. Thanks for the great recipe. Come this fall, the local geese will be in big trouble.

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Well I am real happy to hear that.
Sorry about the delay .....I only just read your post..I was off the computer for a while.
Yeh, I have had a few people, local friends who didn't know they were eating Goose. I usually let them rant on about gamey taste and all that and wait till they start with the "WOW! that was the best pork sausage I ever ate" ...then I tell them hahahahaha. Does that make me evil icon_twisted.gif
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Well it looks like I am losing my mind....... I did respond to the original post (just checked in all my posts while lookin for somethin else that I can't remember) ....They only let me out of the HOME on Sundays.
On mondays I break out the back door and just wander aimlessly.
God help me when I get senile
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Just signed up here a bit ago when I got my new smoker. Been tonnes of info that has helped. Was looking to use some goose meat left in the freezer from last year, and to get such a killer sounding recipe from a fellow southern ontarioian is fantastic!!

Thanx and stuff
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