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I'm going to try to smoke an 11lbs turkey breast and a 10lbs whole turkey this weekend (Aug 19). I have a Masterbuilt smoker with a digital temp control. I'm brining both birds and injecting them.
My question is: Do I put both in at the same time, or put the breast in later? Will it take 6 -8 hours to do them both? Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks Mike

P.S This is only the third time smoking. Did 1 chicken and a turkey so far and love every minute of it.
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Welcome Mike

When cooking fowl, I tend to play it safe. I throw out the clock, and go by temperature.

I do mainly whole turkey breasts (usually 8# or so) and they can range between 4 hours and 8 hours to get them to 175* (they'll raise to 180* while wrapped in foil in the cooler)

I haven't done whole turkeys, so someone else needs to chime in.

Apple or cherry wood for flavor, and injected with Tony Chachere Jalepeno Butter the night before is the way I like to do them, around 210-215*

Good luck
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