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I have cherry if any body might be interested in trading , or if you don't have any to trade . I will sell approx. 9 to 10 pounds for $5.00 plus $9.00 for shipping in a flat rate priority box. I can only do chunks , I have no way to chip it. If any body has any pecan , apple , mesquite. Let me know thanks.

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Hmmm, I just read the thread by crewcab..he said he had no way to chip it??? I thought you used chunks are small log pieces. guess there must be several much to read and learn..
guess when I get my smoker back from the welder I am just going to have to fire her up and learn by doing.
when I bought the landmann, I thought it was good to go, but after getting home and looking at her, I noticed very thing was just tac welded. so I took it to the welder and had him run a bead around every thing, then I saw a plasma cutter and had him cut out two coyotes and an elk had the yotes welded on the cooker top and the elk welded on the foire box top, then I took the landmann sighn off and the cut out the word kyote and welded it on in the landmann place. so I got her home and started the season process. and decided i needed drip and ash pans and I found a great piece of flat SS with little holes in it and going to have them cut it to fit the fire grill below the cooking grates to smoke jalepenos and let the juices from the meats fall on them might be good.
should pick her up in the a.m. hope she is wimin folk and men folk on this forum make me drool..
My son and I went out yesterday to a place where they ran some underground cable.used a grater to knock down a bunch of mesquite.. we filled the bed of the truck and my trailer to over the cab..we are ready smoke..I have already bought a larger belt and some new pants a couple sizes larger..
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Posting pictures of this smoking rig you have is a must !!!
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