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Originally Posted by SmokyOkie View Post

We like a 12-14 # (6kg) brisket. You want a good layer of fat on top. Don't score it. You don't want one that has too much fat marbled into the point cut. The best to pick one is to try to wiggle the brisket in the middle of the point cut ( thick end), Oh did I mention that you want a whole brisket? At ant rate, the ones that wiggle most easily will have the leaner points. If you get one w/ too much fat marbled into the point, the point will be too fatty to serve sliced.

We also believe in searing the brisket (totally black) before smoking in order to achieve caramelization. I posted a poll and started a thread on this subject. As I recall it was most controversial, and most who responded said they'd never tried it. We have, and as a result, we never do it any other way.

Now, I'm not sayin' that you hafta try it that way, but for our $.02 worth, it's one of the most important steps toward the perfect brisket.
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So, the big question remains.....for an electric smoker, what temp to set the smoker for brisket to get it to the 170 tempa and foil wrap until it gets to 190?  Sorry for being so ignorant but didn't do too well on my first 6 pounder.....a little dry.  Thanks!  Am trying again in the morning......

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I am putting 35# of brisket on my wsm,what is the minimum time I should plan for?

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Originally Posted by bobbybirds View Post


Have a bunch of buddies in from out of town tonight so we are having a poker game and I am surprising them all with an some good eats! These babies are on the smoker as we speak...


This is my 5th brisket ever and probably my 20th Boston butt. The Brisket is rubbed down with a SPOG mixture at 1 part each and the Pork with a typical rub of brown sugar, paprika, garlic, cayenne, salt and pepper. Normally I smoke with applewood directly from my mom's orchard but I am currently out so I am playing with using some oak I have kicking around.


Generally I run between 225* and 250*, take the meat up to 165* then wrap and finished up to a minimum of 195* depending on texture (toothpick test rules!). Wrap a few towels around and toss in a cooler for another 2 or 3 hours and slice and serve.


I haven't had a bad one yet, but even if the worst happens and they don't turn out, the boys will probably be half cut anyways and I will still look like a hero! Haha! I will post of the final product later...


For those of you that wrap (Foil or Butcher paper) and then do the poke test once you get over 185 or so.....


Question: Do you poke through the Foil in multiple locations, or do you open the wrap every time?

Any concerns with the holes leaking juices in your cooler when resting, or do you add another layer?




Planning to do 2 14# packers tomorrow and want to be ready.

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Originally Posted by Slider n Copa View Post

I don't understand the concept of searing before you smoke it, searing would seal the surface and would seem to prevent the smoke from getting in. Just a thought
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Never heard of searing a brisket before smoking it ???



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Greetings everyone,


Trying my first Brisket this weekend and decided to start small with a 6lb Corned Brisket.

I have a OK Joe Highland and plan to follow the initial instructions that Dutch posted (thank you by the way).

What is a good smoking temp to get it to 170 before wrapping it in foil (around 250 or so)?


I read through the first page of posts to make sure that I wasn't asking a basic question (didn't get through the other 15 pages of responses).


I have a question about prepping the Brisket...


I saw in another post about trimming the fat, and then doing an olive oil salt and black pepper covering, then wrapping in plastic-wrap over night.


I was planning to do a dry-rub and marinade (balsamic based hot-sauce) overnight (or day and a half).


Is there a wrong way to have this sit overnight (or two)?
I'm just worried that I will do something to negate the process.


Any help is appreciated.





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