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Mt guess is me and 2 or 3 other guys icon_wink.gif
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My Chili Recipe!

Thanks to everyone that have tried my Chili recipe! When I first gave out the recipe...there were alot of people questioning it. Now that people have tried it, I'm getting some praises.
It took me some time to perfect it, and I'm so happy that people here at SFM are enjoying it as much as I do.

Thanks again,
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Adding another post to a long running thread, thanks for the recipe! It is simmering on my stove right now about 3 hours in, and man does it smell and taste good so far! I smoked the sirloin with mesquite for an hour or so, along with a mix of ground chuck, pork and turkey mixed together in a large slab. Once the ground meat was done smoking I flash fried it in a skillet to break it up then dumped it in the pot. For the ale, I used a bottle of Bell's Hopslam Double IPA. icon_cool.gif Note to others, make sure you have a large enough stock pot for this batch!

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TCs chilli

This looks like a great chilli recipe. I bet i can make a good size batch in my 100 Qt boiling pot.
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Made this two days ago for a chili cookoff being held tonight.  Smoked a chuckie instead of the sirloin, pulled it and added with its juices instead of beef broth.


Added a tiny bit each of nutmeg, allspice, espresso powder and unsweetened cocoa, and a drip of maple syrup. 


Even if this chili doesnt win, I can say it is definitely the best chili I've ever made!


Thanks, Tommy!

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Your welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just came across this recipe...It is honorable for you to share an Award Winner! Thank you...JJ

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Your very welcome Jimmy!

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Your welcome!

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Thats some good looking chili. icon14.gif

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Probably a dumb question, But would this recipe be able to entered in CASI Cookoff?


The vegetables is what is throwing me off, I have never done a cookoff before and plan to put my own spin on this recipe, just want to know before I buy any ingredients that will get me dinged with the judges!


Thanks Andy

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tried this yesterday at a chili cookoff at work. everyone loved it and it was awarded the first place trophy. tweeked it a bit, used my homemade chorizo instead of pork sausage, added a can of beer, and used some clamato juice.....the steak and bacon rocked this recipe.....thx

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I am confused.  Do you use 6lbs of tomato sauce AND 6lbs of stewed tomatos, or 6lbs of either?  Wanting to try this over the weekend.  Thanks.



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Ever year we have a Hallowen party and serve soups and stews before the kids go tick or treating. This year we made this recipe almost as written--we added ground elk sausage that was first cold smoked. People were talking about it for weeks afterward--it became common "water cooler" discussion at my wife's work. yahoo.gif

I've been meaning to post a HUGE THANK YOU for a month and finally remembered today with an iPad in hand. Thanks for sharing Tommy! This one is definitely a keeper.
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If it is not too late, we used both. The only difficult part of the recipe is sautéeing all of those veggies in batches, but it is worth the effort. I happened to have a bottle of red wine on hand a deglazed my pan occasionally to make sure that I captured the depth of flavor presented by the "brown bits".
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I sautee'd the veggies right in the bacon grease as soon as I pulled all the bacon out of the pan. When that ran out I just added extra olive oil. Tons of flavor in this chili. It has given me great ideas for future cooks. 



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Looks great.  I'll give this a try next time I break out the chili pot.

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Originally Posted by rc1800 View Post

How much worcestershire does it take to marinade 10 lbs of sirlion steak for 1 hour ? It has to be more than 2 tsp?

I was wondering this too...?...should I just stick to the recipe?

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I used enough to cover about 1/2 (homemade and far better than any commercial product I've ever tried) then flipped it about 1/2 of the way through the marinade.
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Thank you so much Tommy. I decided to make this chili today for our company Christmas party Tuesday. Followed the directions exactly & OMG it is delicious! By far the best chili I have ever made/had. Thank you sir!

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