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Hi, new member here...

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Hi all, this is Don..came to this forum to learn, because I want to try my hand at some smoking....I'm old fart, retired and bored....worked for couple years at a smokehouse in Lees Summitt missouri...smoked whole hams and bacon slabs over hickory logs, fantastic tasting meats....I am planning on making a "trash can" smoker...(pension won't allow anything better!)...I'm considering mainly doing beef briskets and chicken, but would love to try at least once a whole ham or picnic ham....but wondering if that is feasible on such a smoker?! Looking forward to learning all I can from this site and the forum.
Thanks for this forum and appreciate any tips you mite send my way!!
Don from missouri...
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Welcome Don...
Grab a cold one and jump right in. This is such a great hobby.. Question, what is a trashcan smoker? Hope it is not a smoker made from galvanized metal...DANGER. Maybe it is what I think of as an ECB. Good little unit, thinking about buying another one, ust because I miss my old one.

Read up, chime in, don't be a stranger. We try to have a little fun, and we love to talk about smoking some food.
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Iceman, Hi...thanks for the welcome!! And yes, it is made from a metal trash can...found the info on another web buy a new trash can and put an electric hot plate in bottom, put ur wood chip
pan on top of plate, and put meat on a grill above the chipbox and put lid on there a problem with using the metal trash can?
Thanks for your welcome and all advie grately appreciated!!
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I know that galvanized metal will make a poisonous gas when heated. I would go for one of these

only about $40.00 bucks, will turn out the best BBQ you ever had. If I was into competing, I think I could go on the circuit and compete with this, the cheapest smoker I have seen. It is not the cooker, it is the cook.
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Iceman, thanks for the time I'm out I'll check on one of those...if its only 40 bucks maybe
I'll spring for it instead of the trashcan
is what I found: ....
I'm not planning on gettin too crazy on smoking, since only 2 of us to enjoy it...just want to try it a little....I really enjoyed the time I spent working at that smokehouse....gave me lot of pride to turn out some fantastic hams and bacon!!
Good Smokin to you!!
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A big smokey welcome to you.

Feel free to brouse around the site there is great information available.

Please share with us some of your past experience with the smokehouse. Sounds like you will have some interesting tidbits for us too.
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Re: Hi, new member here...

Welcome Don, good to have you here with us. Iceman is correct; don't use anything that is galvanized. If you're not sure (and my best guess would be that a trash can must be galvanized to withstand the rigors of being out in the weather) then don't use it. Besides, what would the neighbors think if they saw you pullin' your supper out of a trash can :lol: ... Take ice's advice and pick up the $40 beauty and get ready to live!!
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Smokemack & Cheech, Thanks for the welcome!!
I guess the neighbors mite think it wierd for me to pull meat OUT of the can....heheheh!!
I did get some valuble experience while at that smokehouse....the old gal who taught me was daughter of the original owner, and she knew her took about 48 hrs to smoke a whole ham over hickory logs, (25 hams to a room) and about 56 for a bacon slab...we also did turkey rolls, and a few whole turks....also made sausage from scratch and smoked them too....The place closed finally several years ago,,the new citified owner just couldn't make a go of it...very sad to see it go....thanks again for the welcome.
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Re: Hi, new member here...

Welcome Don :D You've come to the right place. Lots of great people here to help with your questions. Please tell of your experience in the smoke house. Happy smokin'
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TommyC thanks for the welcome aboard!!! Lookin forward to learning a bunch and maybe pass on my mistakes heheheh......
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Re: Hi, new member here...

Welcome aboard Don,

If you would prefer the ECB is also available in an electric model. Here is a link to Lowes where it is available for $59. ls&N=0+5000685&Ns=p_product_price|0

Take the advice from everyone else and stay away from the galvanized metal. Heat and galvanized metal don't get along too well. :evil:
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Don, Welcome to SMF. My first experience with smoking meats came from learning how to smoke hams and bacon for the family meat business.

I took a look at the site you posted the link for and for the cost of materials ($50.00) and the cost of a Brinkmann Electric ($59.00) you have the peace of mind of not poisoning you and your dinner guests buy spending that extra $10.00.

Looking forward to your postings and adventures in smoking foods.
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Re: Hi, new member here...

Welcome Don,
I'm a new member too! The folks here are very friendly and helpful! Sounds like you may hae a bit more experience with meat smoking than I do. :lol:
Anyway, welcome aboard! And good luck with your smoking endeavors!

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Re: Hi, new member here...

nice to finally have you here. cant wait to see how it goes for you and get to see your recepies!!!!

good luck and let me know if i can help.

my step dad uses trash can cooking. not as advanced as your doing. he just digs a hole, not deep just a divit really, turnes it upside down and puts coals around the rim on the ground and some on top and comes back later to eat. good stuff
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Good Sunday morning to all!!! Thanks for all the
warm welcome's!! I'm happy to get all these tips about smokers, and am leaning towards that electric that cajun linked me to...thanks again!!
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