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Re: Beef Tri Tip

The Tri Tip is off of the bottom sirloin, a triangular shaped muscle.
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

Hey Jim!

Are you talking about the smaller of the two muscles in a whole sirloin? That's what the butcher told me. But Dutch says it's from the chuck.

What do you think of the tri tip? We kinda decided that the californians could have it, and that there were better and less expensive cuts for just about every purpose we might have. Am I missing something, do you have a particular favored use for them?

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Here is a link that explains it pretty well:

I treat like steak as far as seasoning goes. It is low in fat so you can't over cook it or it will be tough, med rare max.
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

My bad there, Tim the Tri-tip is from the sirloin primal. The only explanation I have for putting it up in the chuck primal is cuz my youngest brother and I had been talking about Flat Iron steaks and 'chuck' just stuck in my mind.
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

Okay, Tim ya caught me, can I save me by claiming that I'm too lazy to wrestle a packer brisket on the grill?? :P Seriously though- in keeping with my comment about "thinking outside the box" I am planning on putting a hard sear on a brisket (most likely a flat) before putting it in the smoker.
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When smoking the tri tip does it make sense to cut up the giant size piece of meat from Costco to smaller pieces say 3x3 inches each or should I do it as a whole piece.
Currently the pieces I have are about 4 lbs each.
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

Smoked tri-tip is best served medium rare. This isn't a cut like Brisket you need to cook for many hours to make edible. I pull mine at about 140ish personally. See my other topic for more info.

Chris Green
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Cheech, Tri-Tip is one of those cuts that are great as a roast or as steak. So fix it the way YOU like and enjoy.
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

yo cheech,
i like my 3 lb or so tri smoked to 148 f with mesquite chips

i slice after 1/2 hr off smoker.

sometimes i think its better the 2nd day.
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

Only a good man will admit to laziness! I use fireplace tongs to turn them. Also, far be it from me to do any more than make a suggestion, but I'm curious if a flat would stand up to the type of hard sear we put on ours. What w/o the thick fat layer, and thickness just in general.

Good Luck, and Good Searin',
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Well folks,

I made the Tri tips this weekend and they were awesome!

I marinaded one and the other I basted with olive oil, salt and cracked pepper.

I honesty am not sure which I enjoyed better. Everyone was in love with the taste. Even when reheated they tasted great.

Yes there were left overs but only because there were four of us eating them and I had (I think) around 5 lbs of meat, that added to the veggies etc there was just no room in our bellies to add any more.

Thanks for all your advise
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Re: Beef Tri Tip

Tri-tip makes great sandwiches. :)

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Re: Beef Tri Tip

Hey Ya'll, I did mine yesterday with some kosher salt and cracked black pepper, I took the advice of jim minion and went with the "hard sear" and smoked it to 145, let it rest, boy I was pleasently suprised with the amount of flavor that came outta that steak. I will be doin that again very soon. :P

Thanks as always for all the great tips.
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You got to Love it when a plan comes together!
Have a Great Thanksgiving.
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Have never seen this cut here in Ontario, not knowing much about it, I looked it up. The info I found said it is part of the loin not the shoulder or chuck portion.
Here are the links I found:

Sure like to try one sometime....icon_biggrin.gif
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