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Newbie here from australia

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G'day. Just joined the forum and wanting to say hello. Been cooking on bbq's from when i could walk, and now interested in smoking, grilling and making jerky. Currently planning on building my own BBQ that will be able to be used as a smoker as well. Tips, tricks and general advise very much welcomed.
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anotherpaine..G'day to you as well..
Welcome to the forum.. found a great place to get all your questions answered..lots of great, friendly people here..good luck with your BBQ project..

Again Welcome..
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Welcome! Its always fun to get a different perspective, especially from someone on the other side of the world. What kinda smoker are you looking to build? Also, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle trying to teach everyone around you that real Q is low and slow, not grilling!:)
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I'm looking at designs of smokers, and have a webber BBQ to play with first, but am looking at maybe a charcoal fired smoker. I'll play around with a small one first and see how i go.
I think it will be an uphill battle to teach everyone that the way to go is slow!
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yo aussie dude,
im glad to meet you!
i hope you have a great sauce recipe to use with lamb.
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Re: Newbie here from australia

G'day Mate, let's throw another....chunk of hickory on the smoker. Sounds like the next big Aussie tag line to me :lol: . Welcome here, lots of great people. A few who have built their own smokers will probably have more tips and advice than you can handle! Get ready to live...
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Welcome, looking forward to see you journey into the way of the smoke. Grab a cold one and jump into the fray.
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Re: Newbie here from australia

Welcome anotherpaine,

Glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to seeing how you do things down under. I will resist the urge to say lets throw something on the bar---. So lets crack open a Fosters and see what happens. 8)
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Welcome to SMF, anotherpaine. Nice to have you on board. Looking forward to your postings. To help you get a jump on the "low and slow", check out tulsajeff's 5-day eCourse. Lots of info in there on "low and slow".
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