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I have been tinkering around tryin to thicken this up a little, for those who think its a little thin add a 1/2 cup of molasses. Anyone use corn starch as a thickener?
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Thanks for bumping this up steve, sounds awesome! Cant believe i havent seen this yetPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i've used cornstarch as a thickener for gravys & carne quisada- i didn't read the recipe enough, but the basic rule is 1 tbsp per cup of cold water- has to be cold water & whisked into a hot mix or it clumps.
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Steve -

The sauce looks great. Haven't tried it yet maybe next weekend but it looks like it's a hit! Gonna add it to the SMF Recipe Hall of Fame!
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Hi Steve!...Looking forward to trying your sauce...sounds good!!

Cornstarch should work good for you to thicken the sauce at those times you want it thicker. I use it from time to time for the same purpose, as well as when cooking chinese too.

I would suggest reserving the 1/4 cup of water to stir the CS into, and whisk it in when at the same time as Part 2 for the last 10 to 15 minutes of simmering.

You'll have to experiment with the amount of CS to get the consistency you want. Just be sure to stir the CS mixture well before adding, and stir/whisk continuously while pouring it in slowly.

Hope this will be of some help...

Until later...
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I like to use rice flour for thickening sauces. I doesn't change the flavor like corn starch does.
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Hey Debi, I finally got around to trying your suggestion and it did the trick, much appreciated. Now hopefully I can find some time to actually cook this year.
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deb.......what was the ratio of the rice flour for thickening?

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What is this saracha please?
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according to google..........its poisonous

now sriracha is a chilie

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Sometimes spelling is important ... one poison, one good!

Perhaps you could 'edit' the spelling of your original post, so that no one else gets confused.

Sounds like a tasty sauce ... will have to try it.
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Thank you!!! This recipe looks so good I can't wait to try it. I love collecting recipes and have MANY. I collect cookbooks. I have a modest collection of around 300 cookbooks. I have downloaded 1000's of recipes online and have a personal collection of recipes from close to 8 years in culinary work. I worked for such places as the Ritz Carlton and Olives (no, not the olive garden)
If I can ever share a recipe for pastry (the majority of my culinary exp) or anything else please know I will be happy to do so.

I have lost count of the great recipes I have found on this site so I hope I can give back to you all at some point.
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Steve -

Good to see you! Glad the rice flour worked for you. I learned the rice flour trick when I lived in Hawaii they use it alot out there.

Dude -

Start with 1/2 teaspoon flour to 1/2 teaspoon water and make it into a paste then add a bit more of the water to thin it out and mix it into the sauce. This will prevent lumpy sauce. Mix it into the sauce and stir it constantly. If it's no thick enough for your liking add another 1/2 teaspon rice flour and 1/2 teasppon water mix into a paste andd add to the sauce. Once you figure out how thick you like it write it down! wink.gif You shouldn't nee more than a teaspoon.

BTW rice flour is great in gravies too you don't hide the wonderful meat flavor in corn starch! (Sorry Mama)
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great Debi.........thankx..............

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