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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post

Manman, the purpose of putting the beans in the smoker is so the beans will take on some smoke flavor. The heat will also help the different flavors meld together.

Thanks Dutch.  I get the point of smoking and the temps for that, but I thought maybe the target for the food temp had something to do with safety (sort of like the 40 to 140 in 4 rule).   Was just curious though- either way this recipe is always a hit!

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Hey Dutch have you ever tried subbing habaneros for the jalapeños? I'm thinking it would be awesome for the heat lovers but was hoping you or someone else might have some feedback on it.
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Yes I have. Used a seeded hab and even my spicy food loving friend thought it was too much for him. When I tasted them I thought it great flavor but after that first bite, my taste buds were shot for nearly 3 days.
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Ok I'll skip that experiment.
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I've made the beans 3 or 4 times. The first time I made them my wife said "There's no way we'll finish that pan of beans." They were gone by Tuesday.

I was going to make some last Friday but they didn't hit the smoker until Sunday. My wife said "I bet we throw some away this time." The last of the beans will be in our bellies tonight, Tuesday. They NEVER make it past Tuesday. We love these beans.
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Modified Dutch's amazing beans:

Double recipe; a single recipe disappears far way too fast.


1 pound of Maple bacon, cooked on a grill, cut into 1 inch lengths after cooking on the grill.

1 pound of smoked, pulled pork.
1 Medium onion, diced, sautéed in butter.

1 lobe of a garlic clove, minced, sautéed in butter.
1 Bell pepper green, 1 Bell pepper red, seeded then roasted on a grill, then diced.
1 - 2 Jalapeno Peppers, roasted on a grill, then diced.
2 - 55 ounce cans Bush's Baked Beans, Maple flavor
2-8 ounce can of pineapple chunks, drained
1 Cup Brown Sugar, packed.
1 Cup ketchup.

1 Cup Sweet baby Ray's original BBQ sauce.
1/2 - 1 Tbs. dry (ground) mustard.


Before starting this recipe, you need to have 1 pound of smoked pulled pork.

Fire up the grill, let it stabilize.  Remove the seeds from Bell peppers and Jalapeno peppers.

Put Bacon and Peppers on the grill, you are going for some nice roasted character and roasted color on the peppers. Bacon should be crispy. Pull when ready, set aside.

Put a pan on the stove (or grill) and sauté diced onions and garlic. Drain the butter when fully cooked (onions turn clear, garlic is golden).

Dice the Peppers, slice the cooked bacon.

Add ALL the ingredients to a large pot and simmer.  Stir gently to avoid crushing the beans.

Serve, to the crowd, give credit to Dutch.

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Dang Addertooth, I'm gonna have to give your recipe a try! I like the idea of roasting the vegetables on the grill. They should add another level of smokey goodness to them beans.
Thanks for sharing.
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I have made these beans so many times I have lost count. I think they are different every time. I served nearly 300 people at one event with these beans and they are always a hit. They upstage my ribs and pulled pork most of the time! 


Some things I always do is saute onions and peppers in bacon grease. Add pulled pork or rib trimmings and or bacon and add back strap molasses . Beyond that it's a free for all. Sometimes a little chipotle or ancho chili powder. Some rub maybe some honey.


I have found it's easy to over make these for a large crowd. By the time you add everything they go a long way. I made 4 117 ounce cans for a grad party of nearly 300 and still had some left.


Awesome recipe Dutch. Thank you! 

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Glad to here that them beans are a hit 3montes. I never look at extras as leftovers- I call them "plan-a-heads". Just planning a head for the next meal!
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Made these once again and as usual, everyone raved about them.   I really like that the recipe "scales" so well to what's available at Sam's Club.


1 #10 can of Bush's (117 oz can)

1 bell pepper

1 onion

2 cups ketchup

2 cups brown sugar

1 20oz plastic jar of Dole Pineapple chunks (sold in a 4 pack)

1 lb of bacon



Don't have to worry about having 1/2 of a bell pepper, 1/2 an onion or some amount of pineapple left over needing to be used for something else.

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Yup can not give these beans enough props. I was tired of baked beans but can not get enough of these.

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Love to smoke and make sausages. ..look forward to sharing and Learning!
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I've doubled the meat ratio and everyone thinks we don't need anything else on the menu, "they are a meal by themselves!"

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After years of making these fabulous beans and never understanding why folks thought they were spicy at all. had an Epiphany today. All this time i have been making a double batch ,or so i thought. I have been using #10 cans which are 117 oz instead of 55 oz.  So although i thought i was doubling the seasoning and meat i have been using half of what i should. Still great beans. But today will be the first time i have done it right LOL

  BTW cold wicked bean sammich is fantastic.

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Originally Posted by cajunsmoker View Post

Thanks Dutch,

I thought I had copied and pasted this into my recipe file and when I went to print it out to make them with my ribs sunday they seemed to have deserted :x .

I shall endeavor to persevere this time.


Nice sign off. It took me a while to remember where it was from, but I got it. The Outlaw Josey Wales


Great movie!

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I took note of the disclaimer and left out the spicy, let me just say those were the best beans I have ever made and eaten. I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow.
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Did not read the whole thread yet so if this has been covered already I do apologize. Ernie, my loving wife is Mexican. She has a thing about canned beans and doesn't like to use them. Has anyone used pinto beans "cooked" in a crockpot? She normally tosses in all sorts of spices, if she were going to use them in this recipe she would just leave the spices out I suppose.
She will often mash these into a refried style of beans...a bit of shredded cheese, smoked from now on, and they are out of this world.
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Here is the third time I have made these beans with Q-View.  As per my recipe a few postings above:


The grills used are the #kamadoJoe Big Joe, for the simmering, and the Joe Junior for roasting the bell peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Bacon, and for the Sauté of the onions and Garlic on cast iron.













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Thanks Dutch for the recipe.  I just got a Dutch oven this past Christmas and hope to break it in very well this summer.

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These beans are awesome!  We did them in a cast iron pan on the gas grill last night...



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