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LOL i use 8 seeded Japs when i make them wicked beans. But, i make a double batch . The beans freeze very well and reheat easily.

If you trim your own spare ribs smoke and save all the trimmings for beans. If you cure and smoke your own bellies ,there is usually a portion of the belly that is to thin to slice for bacon. Dice this up and fry it for bacon grease and add the bacon to your beans . You can sub molasses or cane syrup for some of the sugar. So many things you can do to Dutch's beans and the flavor changes a bit but still very good.

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Dutch, you're in the dog house!

As others have reported...I recently, proudly announced at work that I'd be making some 'Q' for the guys on my shift...and all they said was...does that mean you're making those beans again?


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Originally Posted by SupercenterChef View Post

Dutch, you're in the dog house!
As others have reported...I recently, proudly announced at work that I'd be making some 'Q' for the guys on my shift...and all they said was...does that mean you're making those beans again?

Well, it's a good thing that the 3 beagle dogs have a good sized doghouse-I might be able to move my recliner in there!
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Dutch, these are amazng...  made them on Black Friday.


Qview here:





I recently ran a bbq and someone attended who has a pineapple allergy, so I would hate to use crushed and someone not realize. Plus I really like the chunks. Anyhow, this is an amazing recipe... thanks.   

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dwayner79, I know what you mean about someone being allergic to certain fruits. A while back I tried my hand at making a barbaque sauce using pomegranates for use at a family cookout. When I told my brother what I was working on he said that my neice was allergic to pomegranates. That project was placed on the back burner. When I get around to playing with it again, I'm thinking of adding some heat to it. Think habaneros!
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Making my first stab at these this weekend.  I keep thinking of additional ingredients that want to be in the pool with the beans.  I'm going to need a bigger pan!!!

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Let me know how they turn out Dave!
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I thought the guests were going to start licking the bottom of the pan!  Besides the wonderfull taste,the texture  was like silk.


Notice the drippings:


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Looks great Dave. Sounds like they were a hit!
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"I think these are the best baked beans I've ever had." -My lovely fiance.  I didn't even talk up the beans.  I didn't even ask her if she liked them.  She loves baked beans, these were her favorite ever.  I'm in agreement.  Better than Jack Stacks, which were my previous favorite.  This was my first smoke ever and I'm glad I included these beans.


I used the can of Bush's one size smaller since it was going to just be the two of us and I did a small shoulder for pulled pork so I basically halved the recipe.  It turned out great and would like to thank Dutch for sharing.  I really don't anticipate ever smoking a beef or pork dish and not smoking these beans with it.  Gonna make them again new years with Ribs for some guests.  Pretty sure I will every time, if nothing else to keep the Mrs. happy.  Thanks Dutch!

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Your welcome huskerfan. Glad to hear that they where a hit.

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Made them to go along with my ribs. They were AWESOME! Thanks for the recipe. WE had some for dinner and i threw some in the freezer...looking forward to a day when i can enjoy some tasy beans without all the effort of smoking them! 



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Just wanted to finally say thank you Dutch! Been making these beans since I joined the forum 5ish years ago now! They get cooked up just about every BBQ event I smoke something for. Though I have now resulted to making a quad batch and tweaking things a bit to the suggestions of many. First request was "more pineapple!" then "more heat!" So I listened and I do the basic recipe on a burner, in a huge stock pot, and leave out the jalapeno which gets sauteed by itself with a few minced habanero peppers. Then split the beans in half and add the hot stuff to one. I actually think doing the quad batch makes the recipe little easier if you have the resources and equipment to handle it, I use two #10 cans of baked beans, one #10 can of pineapple tidbits, 1 quart of ketchup, and 2 lbs of brown sugar.

Anyways thanks again! There will be lots of my friends and family enjoying wicked beans this Superbowl Sunday!


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I made the beans last night - AMAZING!  It's gonna be a go-to staple , I can see that.

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I love these beans, but my wife has mentioned that there is too much sugar (too sweet). I tried rinsing some of the beans as well as reducing some of the brown sugar etc. but they ended up really dry. Any ideas on what to add to keep the moisture up without the sugar?

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Try using something like Vandecamp pork and beans or Good Value. These beans are just a bit of pork fat and beans without the additional sugar, that way you can adjust the sugar to your liking. If you drain the beans, reserve the juice to add back into the beans if they look too dry. Or add additional ketchup
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Dutch, Great taste, very easy to make. Did my first ribs yesterday and everything turned out great. Pulled some of the meat off the ribs and mixed with the beans for lunch today. I can't describe how good it was. Thanks all    !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Steve-glad that that you enjoyed them!
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I found this recipe a few months ago when I joined this forum.  I made them the same night I found this recipe and the family just said, "WOW".  Since then it is a rare moment there aren't some of Dutch's beans in the fridge ready to eat.  My wife usually tells me it's time for another batch early enough that the new batch is done just before we finish off the last batch.  This is not good for my fine example of male physique, haha, but what can I say, I love BBQ and these beans are now part of my addiction.  Someday I hope to smoke my own bacon but until then we have a shop up here that sells a great bacon that goes very well in these beans, so I suggest good bacon when making these.  The only other thing I do is cut the pieces of pineapple in half to get smaller chunks and more distribution, but either way works great.  So far everyone I have served these to have just gone crazy about them, they are that good!  Thanks Dutch!  Now we need to try your Smoked Shredded Beef Enchiladas.

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Frog-glad to hear that the WBB are a hit at your house. I'm envious of the fact that you can keep a supply on hand to enjoy- Even though Ma Dutch and me are now "Empty Nesters" (finally) We still have our fridge raided by our kids-especailly when they find out that we have smoked left-over hiding in there.

Ma has taken to buying pineapple tidbits in place of the pineapple chunks when we know that the grandkids are coming to dinner and the WBB are on the menu-saves Ma from having to cut the chunks into smaller pieces. To change things up now and again, I'll use crushed pineapple in place of the chunks or tidbit.

And speaking of my Smoked Shredded Beef Enchiladas-made a batch for the daughters birthday dinner along with some Chicken Chalupas-
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