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brisket this weekend--first one!

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I put a rub on the brisket this morning...thursday....i am smoking it saturday... a friend gave me a bag of wood mesquite chunks.. i have been using the chips... is there anything different about using the bigger chunks? do i put only a few in at a time? My smoker is the weber that i put a hotplate in and the wood goes on a pie tin... so far i have smoked a salmon, porkbutt, and turkey(cut up)..they turned out great!

I am going to pull the meat for sandwiches on buns for dinner... what would be a good side to go with it besides coleslaw?

thanks for any suggestions!! I love this site!!!
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Re: brisket this weekend--first one!

Hi Smokemon, If you use the chunks I'd put just a few in and see how the smoke looks, you want the thin blue smoke, It's easier to add more chunks than have to deal removing some of the chunks that are smoking. As far as another side .. smoked corn on the cob?

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Be careful, it is easy to overpower meat with mesquite. Also, try BBQ Beans, Green Beans. In my opinion, you will be cooking the king of BBQ meats...you can served what ever you want.

Take your time, LOW n SLOW is the way to make this work. You are going to LOVE it on the 1st bite.
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Smokemom, I'll repeat what Gary said-easy on the mesquite. And if you need a bean recipe check out my "Wicked Baked Beans" recipe in the "Side Items" thread in the Recipes Only forum.
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Thanks all for the help! I will be careful with the mesquite and i am going to check out the bean recipe right now! I will report back after the gathering!!
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