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Peach Wood

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My buddy just called and ask if I wanted a truck load of peach wood. I have never used peach wood, is it any good for smoking meats?
Please help!
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Should be good for smoking. Use it in moderation. What type of smoker do you have?

Will give a good flavor. But this is from research on the net, not personal experience.
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I've used peach on a number of occasions. Bottom line is to go for it. Tell your friend to bring it on. Peach is a lighter smoke than hickory or mesquite. It's good with pork, chicken or fish. My very favorite is with fish. I think you will be very happy with the results and it sounds like the price is right.
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Re: Peach Wood

i am supprised to hear you say fish 2000, i would never of thought of fish. i for one have never heard of smoking with peach but i didnt see why it would be a bad wood at all. it really sounds good with pork tho, it would almost seem the flavors would compliment each other. just think if we could get some pineapple wood. how good would that be? maby ill invent a pineapple tree, grow them like coconuts.
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Don't need a whole tree, I read somewhere on the net, that the skins can be used for smoke. Supposedly gives a great flavor. never tried, it, but the next pineapple I buy the skin is going on some charcoal, with some type of pork being cooked.
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