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Re: Makin Bakon

Hey Joe,

My checkbook looks like I already went out to play :oops:

The bacon was A$$ kicking. At least as good as any bought Canadian Bacon. The wife finally understood the reason for the Juniper Berries. However, I was very disappointed in the cherry wood smoke. I wound up using mostly pecan as the cherry was so thin. I am very intrigued by your bacon however and want the lowdown :!:
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Re: Makin Bakon

Hey Rodger, Sorry brother, I thought I gave it too you.

1 slab of pork belly. <about 4 to 5 lbs>

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of kosha salt

1 large plastic bag

Mix salt and sugar together. trim off the outter skin, Wash pork belly and pat dry. Rub salt and sugar mixture on the pork belly. Place pork belly in he bag and place it in the fridge. Keep in fridge 1 day per lb. After the bacon has been cured for the full length of time remove it and wash it off removing all the salt. Place the pork belly on a plate and leave in fridge for 1 day uncovered. Get yourself a six pack of your favorite beer and start your smoker and bring it to a temp of 110 deg. At this point you can smoke as long as you like or as little as you like depending on the taste your looking for, You can also use a dry rub <without salt> I used hickory and smoked it for 4 hours. cool the bacon and place in freezer to firm up for cutting. Now your own your own. You know you have it right if the six pack is gone and you smoked it at 110 deg. Notice there are NO nitrates in this bacon.

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Re: Makin Bakon

Thanks Joe,

I am going to try this out when it cools down around here. Smoker is reading over a 100 deg by 9:00 AM right now. The only problem I see with this recipe is making a 6 pack last 4 hours. :oops:

May have to up the liquid in this recipe wink.gif
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