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New to these parts

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Hi everyone,
I'm new and need an intro. I live in central NC, and I love barbecue (or I wouldn't be here). I've been toying with meat and heat for about 25 years, but seriously pursuing the smoking art about 10 years. I have a Brinkmann charcoal Smoke n Grill and a newer Char Broil electric water smoker.
I use sand instead of water, and I use lump charcoal and hickory (a little mesquite) for good smoke flavor.
Smoked ribs are my favorite, but I do lotsa other stuff, too.
I look forward to looking around the forum and chewing the fat from time to time. :D
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Welcome, grab a cold one and jump right in. Share your knowledge, and give us the wisdom of your cooks.
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Re: New to these parts

And we love to hear about and SEE your successes!
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Re: New to these parts

Welcome Piggy... Sounds like you bring a full setting to the table. When you get a chance, could you explain the "sand" piece to me a little? How it's set up, how it works/differs and how/if it affects your flavors. Sounds inrtiguing. We all may also be treated (if we're lucky?) to a good Carolina Mustard Sauce recipe!! Welcome...
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Re: New to these parts

Hi Piggy,

Welcome to our little corner of the web. I'm sure that you will enjoy the comraderie here. There're a great bunch of guys & gals here with all levels of experience and helpful advice, so sit back and enjoy, and feel free to join in any time the mood srtikes you...

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Piggy, Welcome to SMF. Nice to have another veteran smoker on board to help teach the art to the next generation.
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Re: New to these parts

welcome piggy!!!!

nice to finaly have you here, we have been waiting.

nice websites by the way. i want me a web site on my smoking knowledge, but then again why make a web site for just two sentences?
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Re: New to these parts

Piggy, nevermind about the sand question. I just read your reply to the "lava rock" question, and now understand what the sand is for.
Silly me, wondering if it imparts flavor and what you use it for :oops: ...
PS: I Like your site!
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