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my small smoker

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one of my kids stopped in so i had him post these pictures of the family size smoker made out of a 275 oil drum and using an old stove for heat and smoke
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yo just woody dude,
i lufv it
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You are NOT planning on running out of wood any time soon are you?
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Re: my small smoker

man, you've got it made with all that wood, I'm running around trying to find chucks instead of chips.
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LOL, I had similar thoughts along those lines myself, Gary! The line "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" also so came to mind. If I were a woodchuck, and came upon this stash, I'd certainly find a place with a lot less wood and fast!
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yo dude,
how hot can it get in smoker meat box???
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we can run it up to 500 like it is in the picture, When I'm smoking, there is another section of pipe plus a tee and another section of pipe with a damper going up for a stack that i control the heat and smoke with.

I have about 45 more cords of wood to split before Sept.
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Hope you have a hydraulic splitter, j woody. I'd hate to have to split all that wood using a steel wedge and a sledge hammer or a splitting maul. Makes me tired just thinking about it. :D
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Love the pictures.

I have often wondered by more smokers do not use a wood stove.
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