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Natural Gas GOSM?

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Has anyone tried to convert their GOSM to natural gas. My grill is natural gas. It is hooked up with 12' hos and a quick connect. I would love to convert the 'ol GOSM so I can get rid of the propane bottles.
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You would have to change out the propane orifice for a natural gas one, other than that I don't see why it would work.
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Re: Natural Gas GOSM?

I have been thinking about doing the conversion and I just wanted to know if you or anyone else has been successful at converting the GOSM to Natural Gas? And if so where did you get the parts for the conversion?
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Re: Natural Gas GOSM?

I bet your local gas company or gas appliance store could give you some great help. This forum below had some detailed discussions at one time so perhaps searching around there may provide some useful info.

BBQ Source Forum
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I found a kit at my local Sears store and it took about 20 minutes to convert my GSOM from propane to natural gas. Kenmore Model # 10478. The kit cost $69.00.

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