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old age / memory

My wife thought i was crazy when i bought a used dictaphone transcriber at a garage sale and mounted it up under a cabinet next to my food prep area in the kitchen.
When i experiment w/ new rubs ,sauces or recipes i record ingrediants and ammounts.
if it turns out right i go back and play the recording and put it on a recipe card.
If not i just erase it and try again.
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smoking log

I started using a cooking log almost immediately when I started to smoke last summer. I have found it to be very valuable. Mine is a bit different than the link. A little simpler. I'll see if I can attach an example of a used log. I have a file on my computer, change the header to the date and item smoked. In the file I also have a template waiting for my next smoke. I also have been questioned on my sanity with this level of detail. Some have said you have too much time on your hands, others say get a hobby. I say ..."what do you call smoking-and yes help yourself to seconds".

Well, it looks like I'm not able to attach the file too big.
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lemme guess......those same ones that are riding you about the fine "ART" of smoking meat wish they could do what you do and enjoy your food very much......oooops just read the......"yes help yourself to seconds"
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Are these is still around on the site I was unable to locate.

Originally Posted by TulsaJeff View Post

I have completely reworked the cook log from virtual bullet and made it more diverse for those using electric, propane, charcoal and wood.

The cook log is great but it is made specifically for the weber bullet and left me wanting more.

It is a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet right now but I will convert it to PDF as soon as my PDF software starts working again (decided not to work today!)

If you have suggestions please speak up..

I completely deleted what they did and only reused a bit of verbage which I thought was good.

It is located in the downloads area
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I clicked the link for the downloads area to get Jeff's updated cook log but it says the page doesn't exist. Any chance one of you have the pdf or excel for this?

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I started by using 'Meathead's'  BBQ Log I found somewhere . Now I do my own logging in a little book  :

Things I use while smoking


I have a bunch of these laying around the house , makes  for consistent outcomes .


The printable ones don't have all what I want to record. (Time . ambient temp. , weather , anything that alters  your plan , and comments I want to enter) .


If you use a download and print it out , you can put them in a ringbinder. :biggrin:


Any way you do it , a log is a great learning tool , and a good record for future cooks (recipe ideas , ect.)


JMHO. Have fun and . . .

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Originally Posted by TulsaJeff View Post

The NEW SMF Smoking Meat Log is now available in Excel (xls) or Adobe (pdf) so download to your hearts content.

Downloads Area Here

404   The link got broke, but I found another on the thread.

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Originally Posted by jrod62 View Post

Try this

I know this thread is super duper old but I just stumbled upon it. I used the above link to download and save to my google drive account. I love this!! As someone who is just learning, I feel like it should be standard issue for all of us who are in the learning curve. Think you to who ever came up with this idea!!

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