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Beer can chicken

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Ok, I am trying the Beer Can chicken for the first time...Only I am using a can of Coca-cola and am drinking the budlight, hehe!!!...I added some of the rub mixture and other spices to the can of coke. So we will see out it turns out...Lots of good information here on the forum...And very much appreciated...I am also trying pictures for the first time...
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Re: Beer can chicken

looks good man :D , be sure and show us those "after" pics too 8) .
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Re: Beer can chicken

Sure thing ole buddy, If I don't eat it first...hehe!! I just added 4 thick pork chops to the top rack...All soaked down with a store bought pork rub...Is this addictive or what? I love this little smoker and am having lots of fun using it....This forum, response, greatly appreciated...
as you know......... :lol:
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I would be interested to know how the flavor works out with coke. I always thought os it as too sweet for chicken, but that is my personal taste I geuss. I know you can use root beer, or any of the lemon lime sodas. Just never thought about Coke.

Keep us informed how things turn out, and includ pics of them chops when they get done as well.

Yes, this smoking thing is adictive, wait until you start doing fatties, there will never be any empty room in your smoker again.
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Re: Beer can chicken

Hi Gary, I am thinking the Coke will be great...Figuring Pepsi would be too sweet..Coke isn't really sweet...guessing since they use it in mixed drinks, etc...I read on the forum where someone used Dr. Pepper...And I had some Coke on hand, so used it...I added some of the rub mixture and a little Garlic and salt to the half can of am hoping it turns out good...I figured if nothing else, I can eat the pork chops, hehehe!!!
Every time I look in there, I get hungrier!!!

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Re: Beer can chicken

Hi Gary,
I think you are right...The Coke wasn't anything to write home about. My wife did not care for it...The smoked chicken was edible, but not that great...Thank God I added those 4 thick chops to the top rack...I smoked them for a couple of hours, then put them in foil and smothered them in a store bought mop sauce for another hour or so...they were excellent..I got to either try the beer or the lemon/lime soda for the chicken...Coke ain't that great...
We all ate and got full though........hehe!!!!

I think Brinkmann rules........... :lol: just my opinion though.......

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Re: Beer can chicken

Hi Steve ,

I never really liked any liquid in a can stuck up my chicken's butt :!:

I either lay my chicken's on their back or stand them up in the beer can stand without a can in it or if your Brinkman came with the big skewers I do them crucified style;

They come out looking like this.

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pepsi SWEETER than coke?


okay i guess

dr.pepper werks good
tho today using a dark beer in a pie pan.......can half full of the beer

finished the rest in the pie pan

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I have even heard of some using orange pop or sprite.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

I myself have never ventured away from the beericon_lol.gif.... for the beer can chicken.
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I always use V8 juice. Very good with the chicken.
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You've never taken the Pepsi challendge! Pepsi is much sweeter than Coke! I don't drink soda pop (at least not straight) so their both really sweet to me!
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when coke changed their formula...........they got close to pepsi taste
and then the riot started

when i drink coke my taste buds any way.......

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watching jeopardy............on it, they said that coke has 9 tps of sugar in each THATS sweet

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