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New smoker

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Hey all,I finally got some time off work and Im gonna try out my new smoker today.For Fathers Day I got a Chargriller Pro,yesterday i seasoned it up and today Im ready to try it out.Im putting on a rack of ribs,a turkey breast,a pot of baked beans and some ABT'S.Ive been looking at some of the mods Ive seen here and am gonna see how they turn out.Im excited about the new smoker but kinda sad too.Ill have to do away with my old grill to make room.I had the old grill for 16 years,Id like to see all the meat thats been across that one in one pile.I havnt figured a proper way to put her down,dont want to just shoot the old girl,dont want to just put her in the trash,she has meant too much to me.Does anyone have any respectable ideas on how to decommision such a dependable,loyal old friend?

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yo dac dots dude,
around these parts they have a few FREE CYCLE groups {yahoo}

you post give a way stuff---
somebody usually takes it.
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Give it to a friend who has not had the chance of grilling his own food yet. After he gives it a try, he will take good care of your buddy, and you can always go over your friends house and visit with your grill, just bring some steaks and some cold ones.
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Re: New smoker

I turned my old gas grill into a planter box for growing herbs.
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Re: New smoker

So far I've burned all but 2 of my old grills totally to oblivion. I gave my Brinkman smoke N pit to my oldest son and my last ECB to my youngest.
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Re: New smoker

Hey, David! Welcome back to the living! Here's a suggestion. Degrease her, paint her up like new and put her next to the new one as a service table.
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Build a bigger deck so they will both fit?? :P Nice to have you back David!!
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I use my old grill as my burn-box, so I can pre-burn all my wood before it goes into the smoker.

Its kind of a pain to keep 2 fires going, but I can't argue with the results.
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