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15 hours already .... 11.75 lbs @ 250

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Started this earrrrrrly this am, about 0330. Just hit 170+ at 1900 my time.

Tried a Cachatories butter based injection with a white mustard and garlic rub ....something new.

Got about 2 more hours, eh? A hour or so wrapped and I should be feeding around midnight.

Yum. My sons are killing me, they can't wait.
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Looks great. If I could get there in two hours I would be there to help you sample this.
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C'mon over! Thx Cheech. Nice to see a Michigander around ..... was born in Redford, but moved out west long ago as a tot.
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Oh so you are the smart one.

I moved here from central California and still wondering what I am doing here.
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I just posted this in another topic but ...

It's 116 and 35% wet here today.

Who's smart now?
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Wow you could also cook meat at that temp with out a fire.

I hope it cools off for you soon. If not come to Michigan it will snow here soon.
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I know guys who freeze their elk till now ..... they do the indian thing and hang it on racks in the open air to make "jerky". It's not really jerky , but it's actually good extra dried whatever .... I can't think of the name right now.

Anyways, we may have these 110+ days ( I rememeber a day in '93 at 123!) but we have 250 days under that at 85 or so ...

I still have a closet of gear for that white stuff.... To tell the truth, I have not worn a jacket for 3 years ... a sweater or two, but no jackets.
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wow, looks good! Imagine how much quicker it'd be if you used charcoal to heat your smoker!
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lolol ..... Kinda like you burning them clam shells Jay .....
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Looks good Sean, So what time did you finely get to eat? What type of smoker do you have?
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Thanks Earl ...
Finally ate 'round 10:30, let it set up for about an hour. It didn't really want to shred though... 18 hours total cook time, took it up to 190+. Ended up chopping most of it ...... not bad but that must have been one old hog!

I have a cheapo char broil off set ... works fine, but doesn't hold temp too well.... I can hold 225/250 okay, but under over that tends to be difficult. Temp bounces all over the place. Still playing with damper/intake combos
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