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First meatloaf

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Well I did my first smoked meatloaf...excellent!! My husband was very skeptical when I told him what was for supper...oh ye of little faith! I actually made two, both of them had your typical red & green pepper, a little onion, gaahhhlic, s & p, egg, bread crumbs (mixed with parm cheese, something I started years ago when making chick parm) but for him, walked down to the garden and grabbed a biker billy and a hinkle hatz and chopped them up in his meatloaf. Well when we sat down at the dinner table with mac and cheese, zucchini parm and fresh garden peas, you think we would have died and went to American family meal heaven. It was better than I thought. I used cherry and hickory and the smoke was just the right flavor. I am so glad I found this website! Sorry, didn't get pictures, but we were to hungry to go looking for the camera!
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Sounds like someone had a very good smoke session. I have to ask, because I don't know, what is a biker billy and a hinkle hatz?

Did you use a grill pan to start the loaf out, or was it an aluminum pan? read on the site some time ago the idea of putting the meatloaf in a grill pan till it sets up..that way the smoke has access to the entire loaf. also, the loaf does not wind up sitting in fat while cooking.
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Last time I grilled the red and green peppers (seeded and halved) to bring out the sweetness of the pepper, then cooled, diced and added to the meat loaf mixture.

Get the best of both worlds with a smoked meat loaf with the veggies inside all grilled up an good.

(and yes, I also want to know about the biker and hatz)
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Re: First meatloaf

Glad the meatloaves turned out well!

I had never heard of theose peppers either, they are listed in the linked chart.

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Re: First meatloaf

bob i think they are talking about bel peppers
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Re: First meatloaf

CH, the chart in my above post calls one a variety of Jalapeno and the other a "chicken heart". They are listed as "hot" peppers so I don't think they are a bell.
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Never heard of them either Bob, but I like the site your chart pulls up. I'll order some pepper's from there next year!!!
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Here is a different twist on a smoked meat loaf that I did a couple of weeks ago (something that my Dad used to do when he made meatloaf). About 30 minutes before the meatloaf is done, take a couple of tubes of croissant roll dough (that you find in the refrigerator roll section) roll the dough out and place it over the meatloaf making sure to cover the top and sides. Use part of the second roll if you need too. Increase the heat on the smoker to 300 degrees and return the meatloaf to the smoker. When the dough turns golden brown, remove the meatloaf from the smoke and allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes. Slice, serve and ENJOY!!
Dad called this his "Meatloaf Wellington".
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Re: First meatloaf

I just used an aluminum pan, they did sit in the fat, but once I took them out and put them directly on the grates, they were fine. I don't think sitting in the fat hurt them at all, in fact maybe kept them nice and chuicy!

The biker billy and hinkle hatz are hot peppers with an awesome flavor...If you can find biker billy's try using them next time you do your abt's. The hinkle hatz are just a great hot pepper, not for the feable tongue'd, but imparts a great flavor in food. The hubby likes to take a bite sammich, then a bite of pepper, I have not graduated to this level of insanity, but he loves the flavor, heat, and sweat these peppers produe.

That link above it actually where I got 90% of my peppers this year. This was the 3rd year I purchased from them. I can order them in January so they are reserved for the time they mail them out, for me it's 1st or 2d week in May. We've upgraded to 4 biker billy's and 3 hinkle hatz to add to our total of 35 pepper plants...about 4 of which are sweets.

Back to the meatloaf...I was reading the forum the other day and checking out the homemade salsa link and thought about how it would be to mix some of that right into the meatloaf!
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