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People there is no phrase which can be claimed to over-hype Southern Flavor. We use it on about 85% of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING cooked in this household. It is even a key ingredient to all rubs, marinades made by me.

Back on subject, which did you say was your favorite Spiedie marinade? and from your sampling, is there anything it does not work well with?
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Re: Spiedies Chicken Kabobs (kinda smoked)

That's even more choices Bill,

it lists eight different marinades, however I think you are either using the spiedies marinade or the spiedies marinade BBQ for chicken. Which one do you recomend?
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In looking over those sauces, the Lemon Garlicious sounds simply splended on some spit roasted lamb or baby goat. MMMMmmmmm!

Sorry, Bill-didn't mean to take your post "off topic". :oops: 8)
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Okay, WOW, Active Thread tonight.

Cajun, I have tried nearly all the Lupo's brand (post 1 by me) and they are ALL great, but the Spiedies marinade is what I used tonight.

When you click the link in post #1, that is the Spiedie marinade I have

Dutch, I want to try State Fair spiedies, (second link word "THIS" posted) and want to try a couple others there too
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Never , Earl, is Garlicious, off topic :)
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Re: Spiedies Chicken Kabobs (kinda smoked)

Guys, Speides are definitely good eats. I think in NY, there are traditionally chicken and venison versions. I've done both and both are great!

Something similar, but different is Chiavetta's Barbeque Marinade. ( This stuff is good. Makes great kabobs. Just go easy on it as it's more powerful than speides and can overpower things like portabellos or even chicken if you marinade too long. So good though.

I've got a boston butt I'm going to inject with Chiavetta's before I smoke it Saturday night. I love food...
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A venerable chicken kabobacornacopia

Thanks jaynik, I'll add that to the list of things to try
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I use State Fair brand Chicken Marinade all the time.  Incredible stuff!  Just used it on 10lbs of bs chicken breasts last week.  Tenderized first with a Jaccard, then put it in a 2.5 gallon bag with 4 bottles of marinade.  Left it in the fridge for 4 days, just taking it out each day to stir it around a bit.  Smoked in my MES to 145, then finished the last 20 degrees on the grill to brown it up.  Simply the best chicken I've ever had.  Great on it's own, or on sandwiches. 


Btw, I use the same chicken marinade on stake too.  Wonderful stuff!

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