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i have been seeing 10 lb boxes [frozen] of RIBLETS.
they say that APPLEBEES serves them.

could you enlighten me with info about these ???

where are they on hog??
whats size of cut??

as usual dutch,
im awaiting a piece of your knowledge and work experience.

around these parts its free.
but i know you had to work hard for it.
and i thank you!!

aint this place great.!!!
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Hey larry,

If its the same thing they are selling around here, it's like the "meat" in a McRib at McDonalds. Some kind of pork formed up to look like little racks of ribs.
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Larry, Riblets is another term for Rib tips. Sometimes the rib cartilage is stripped out to make a 'boneless' riblet.
In the case of McD's 'riblets', it is a ground pork product that has been pressed into a mold to make it look like 'boneless ribs'.

When I smoke rib tips, I cut through just the cartilage about every two inches while leaving the meat intact. I apply my rub and smoke them like I do the Kansas City or St. Louis style spare ribs (3-2-1 Method).
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Depending on what you bought or saw, this can be a wide range of items.

Generally when I have processed pork in retail, we called the riblets a crosscut of ribs either from a pork loin that was out of spec or we sliced sheet ribs on a band saw across the bones into about 1 inch slices. You can also have baby back, st louis, beef short ribs or even beef back ribs cut his way. Personally, its a lot of work for the minimal amount of meat after cooking/smoking.

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The riblets that Applebee's serve, I believe are taken from the backbone, below the ribcage (towards the rear of the pig) or in the neck. On each side of the spine there is a small, round, flat bone with a little meat on it.

I don't know how much they cost but I would much rather eat "real" ribs. I've had the all-you-can-stand err... I mean eat riblets at Applebee's and wasn't impressed with the cut of meat nor the way they cooked them.
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yo all y'all
i was told yesterday that the boxes in this area are from the neck....

i guess sooner or later, i should get a camera ,
to post pictures along with some of my questions.

these riblets are about3 inches tall.
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Here is a great link I give to my customers at work.......
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