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Re: Fatties???

Come on folks give a homesick smoker a break!! :( I came in here to see what all the fuss about a fatty was and reading the posts made me even more homesick for my smoker!!

At the begining of the summer I took a new job which has me traveling to new places for 13 week stints. I discovered one off the worst drawbacks, other then missing my family and friends was missing my smoker!!

I was in Phoenix for most of the summer and it killed me living on the 3rd floor apt with no smoker. I tried to make a mini smoker out of the onsite grills but they weren't big enough or the right design for it...what's a smoker to do :?:

And all you all can think of is smoking fatty's!! :lol:

I can't wait to get back home and give this one a try!!

just sign me

Homesick in Maryland!! :cry:
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Re: Fatties???

there, there, Ashton, remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder!! Look at the bright side of things, you're just making sure your wood is cured, you're waiting for that really big after summer sale on brisket and jimmy dean sausage... wink.gif
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Re: Fatties???

Y’now Michelle, If ya was to roll those fatties in crushed red pepper flakes ya might be able to mask that unpleasant mild taste! :roll:
Who’s ta say?
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Re: Fatties???

Smoked a pair of fatties for the first time ever tonight. Fantastic! Ate most of one, bringing the remainder to the beach for the rest of the family to try tomorrow! I'll be a hero! :D
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Re: Fatties???

yo ashton,
electric hot plate---10 bucks--totally movable
foil throw away pie pans---2 pack at market---2 bucks
smoking chips from market ---2 bucks
empty beer can--dont worry about this cost
card board box to cover---small hole at top for smoke out let.
tall /deep pot .--- totally movable/reusable
large foil turkey pan from market---3 bucks

this comes from a known fool---totally unable to think safely==
so be careful---and dont sue me if you start apartment fire..


place turkey pan on concrete porch--------
place hot plate in turkey pan-----
place tall pot upside down next to hot plate in turkey pan.
tall pot is to get meat above the smoking chips..maybe glass flower vase?
place 1 pie pan on top of hot plate---
drink beer from can of beer ----
refill beer can 1/2 way with water---
place beer can in center of pie pan thats on hot plate--
place wood chips around can on pie pan on hot plate---
place 2nd pie pan on upside down pot.
place fatty on pie pan on upside down pot..
place cardboard box over this experiment...
this may help with smoking jones.
if doing only fatty--you may not need beer/ water can--


have breath mints ready in case the firemen have to come....
hide beer cans if the police have to come..
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Re: Fatties???

Yo Larry

Thanks, I will give this a try. I happen to be on the ground floor and actually have a small patio so this is doable!!
updates to follow!!

Whoot smoking!
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