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First Time Smoker

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Just bought the Char-broil silver smoker with some gift money, and just had made my first smoked dinner. I smoked two chickens, one pork shoulder, and some sausage to fill up all the extra room!!! Everything came out excellent and all my friends complimented. I had little knowlegde but the chicken came out awesome and I didn't even brine. After looking at this site I definitely must try that next time. And although the pork was delicious it wasn't as tender as I hoped, I was going for the pulled pork but now know I didn't cook it look enough or until 200 degrees, I look forward to trying Jeff's big mistake. I especially like the carolina style pulled pork. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone and eating more smoked meat.

modified silver smoker
delaware - if anyone knows where to get good smoking wood in delaware let me know.
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riz9, welcome to SMF. Lots of good info can be found here. Sounds like you're getting off to a good start. Feel free to ask your questions about smoking foods-lot of talented folks here that will be glad to help you.

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welcome riz,

glad to have you on board.
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welcome, grab a cold one and jump right in. Ask questions, and share you cooking experience with us, it helps all to learn.
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