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im back

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so i buy a new computer in january, had company build it since i only wanted certain things. you know i dont need the best video card or a 100gb hard drive just good memory and a fast processor. from day one it started freezing. i thought i had it solved (msn messenger) and it did quit as much. finally i gave in and complained to my builder and he is getting me a new one or fixing the one i have, but its been probably 4-6 weeks.

i got bored and went and got me a laptop so i could hang with you all.

and i can tell you it feels good to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!! now all i need is a new smoker and i am all set

good friends, good food, what more do i need?
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Re: im back

It's good to see you back Buzzard, I've been missing that avatar :D
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Re: im back

aw man now you gots me a thinking, i was going to change it to me praying to the smoking gods.

now i have to think about it

thank you good to see you too
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don't change nothing bro
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Re: im back

hey buzz

welcome back i am with the cajun dont change nothing i have seen the pic of you praying to the smoke gods this pic is better ohwell take care
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I don't believe we've met before...but welcome back...always good to see a nice friendly face once in a while...as cajun said... don't chang a thing...

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Re: im back

Heya, Buzzard! Keep the pic! It is your trademark! Good to see =back amongst the living (large)!!!!!

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How about a good drink? some good money? good car? good vacation? . . . .Welcome back to your group. It is good to finally meet you, been reading a lot of your posts in the older threads.
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BUZZARD!! Glad to see that you are still amongst the living. About that avatar of you "praying to the smoking gods"? Me and the two Jeffs didn't hear a thing, so I guess you ought to keep the current avatar or pray LOUDER!!! :P 8)
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Re: im back

you all make me smile
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