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How much charcoal?

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I am using a ECB. how much charcoal should I use to maintain a 225 degree smoker...going to try the 3-2-1 method...by the way...my smoker's charcoal pan has air vents

thanks for any advice
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Re: How much charcoal?

also, what kind of temperture gauge can I use on a ECB to see if I am too hot/cold?
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smokethembones...hello there...

Taylor makes a good temp gauge...they have a remote one.. so you don't have to bee glude to it all the time...
Maverick ET-73 is another very good one...has two sensors..one for the smoker temp...the other for the food temp...that is a remote one also...works good....I have one...

As far as how much charcoal to use, thats a hard one to give you a standard answer ...without a temp gauge...you won't really know...I would suggest getting a temp gauge and experiment a little first...before you try a smoke...


I would use a lump type charcoal.. instead of the briquetts...burns better...not as much ash to screw up the draft in the charcoal pan either
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I would get 2 brikset cooks and 1 pork butt cook on a 20 lb bag of old style kingsford. I would add in some lump but never really measured it out to give you an answer. My rul of thumb for charcoal useage has always been less then 1/2 bag....go get some more. If more than 1/2 bag and some storage space.....go get some more.
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Re: How much charcoal?

To add to what others have said, I've learned that more isn't always better. I can get 225 with 3/4 of a chimney starter full of lump charcoal. If I use too much more than that, the coals smother themselves and I don't get enough temp. Good luck!

BTW, I use a vertical brinkmann charcoal smoker. I've drilled a couple extra holes and made charcoal grates to help with airflow.
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