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New Smoker

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Hi Guys,

So I ended up with the Home Depot bargain smoker... it's a Char-Broil H20 Smoker, or something to that effect.

I've assembled it, and read through the instructions and am left with a question. I could swear I read somewhere on this site that the smoker needs to be prepped before it's initial use... something like oil the inside down run it at ~200-250 for two hours, and then at ~400 for the final hour.

I can't remember offhand what the steps were, and I can't find the thread where I had read about the procedure. Could someone please share the procedure for prepping a new smoker, and whether or not it needs to have wood chips added during the process?

Thanks again guys!
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I was a little hasty on that post. I found the thread.

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