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Smoked Chicken

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Well here is my first attempt at smoken and misten.
1 Chicken misted with a mix of 2/3rds apple juice and 1/3rd pomegranate.
over 5 hrs.
There is a walleye and a bass in there also.

For pics see post below.
I deleted what ever the links were from this post.
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After a little work I saw the pics. That is a GREAT looking chicken. did it taste as good as it looked?
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Re: Smoked Chicken

Iceman; It took me quite a while to get those pics up and I wasn't sureif I did it right or if anyone could see em.
I just downloaded the drag and drop feature so next try should be better.

As for the chicken, it is in the fridge ready for next weekend.
I have family comin to town for a visit and we can eat it then...although I did take a sample from under the bird where no one will notice.....Cooks privilege... :) Tasted pretty good to me.. I was really happy with the colour.
Much nicer colour than the last bird.
The walleye and the bass turned out good also....I ate the walleye for supper and yes I did share...........Okay maybe it was just a little bit....but it's still sharing :lol:
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Tried it again
Largemouth Bass
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here you go, Gremlin's chicken.
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That bird looks really good!
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Chris, I fixed your links.
You were missing the img tags.
[img]imageshack url[/img]

Hit your "EDIT" button on your post and you'll see what I did.

BTW-Nice job on all three!!
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Re: Smoked Chicken

Earl, Iceman, Thanks guys One of these days I'll figure it out, of course right after that I will forget, AGAIN!!! and then we can start all over again :oops: :)
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Got me some yardbird on the kettle right now! Also, some sliced veggies in olive oil. Let you know how everthing comes out later!
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Noah, how did the bird come out? You got any pics?
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