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Webber Smokey Mountain grill or the Egg

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For those of you who have used either one, any suggestions? I know the Egg is about 3 times as expensive, is it worth the extra cost? Those who smoked with the WSM what did you like and didn't like about it? Is it easy to maintain the heat on a WSM? Any help will be much appreciated.
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It is very easy to maintain heat on a WSM (I think the egg is even easier, with very little fuel, but I have not used one)

I can get the WSM to "dial in" to a temp, then actually leave for an hour or 2, come back and its still where I left it.

Again, not speaking for the Egg owners, but I think the capacity on the WSM is quite a bit more, even than the largest Egg.

Not too many downsides I can think of with the WSM I have. If you do full slabs of spares, you might need to "drape" them over something to get them to fit, or us rib racks. That might true for the Egg though too.

I would recommend the WSM for anyone, and have given one as a gift to the guy who got me going on my ECB years back
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Another WSM user here. No complaints on that smokin machince. It does what it is supposed to do, and does it very well. The only know I have is a space thing. I want a horizontal smoker next, only because I don't like having to lift out 1 rack to get to the second rack.
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I don't have either, but have cooked on both. In my personal oppinion, the biggest difference outside of price is portability. The egg is pretty much stationary on the back deck, while the WSM is light enough to take anywhere. For the money, its hard to beat the WSM. Just check out
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Noah how does the egg match up with the WSM for maintaining temps? That to me was a big deciding factor after my ECB gave out.
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That is where the egg, or kamado style really shines. Its amazing how a really small fire can keep the smoker at temp for a really long time. Probably 50% more effecient than a WSM, but at a cost in size and weight. You just have to decide which features are more important to you personally. One of these days, I'm going to get a Primo, but after I get my WSM. :)
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The offer still stand, the trade of your Lang, for my WSM. I will even take some time off work and drive it out to you for delivery
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The only problem is that you need a Lang and a WSM! No, if I part with the Lang, my wife will think I'm of my rocker!
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Yeah, my wife would not be happy if I got rid of the WSM.

The portability of the WSM is something to consider in making your choice. If you plan to move the unit around, then you want something easy to move.
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Are there any Big Green Egg users here? I have thought about one of these as well.
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I have used the Egg for about 5 years now and love it. Hold temp like you can't believe. Very little fuel usage. I use only lump charcoal and wood chunks and chips to smoke. You smoke low and slow or grill steaks at 700 degrees! It is pricey but it will last a lifetime. The only drawback is space. If you want to smoke lots of meat then this probably isn't the smoker for you. Anyway, just my take. Like someone else said earlier, if you want portability, then the Egg is not for you either. To heavey to lug around. Hope this helps. You can also check out their web site or Primo's for more info on ceramic type cookers.
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There is nothing better at keeping temps than the egg. I did a shoulder in 50mph winds and an icestorm a couple days ago. Onl had to adjust the vents once. the XL will hold 225 without adding charcoal for 15hrs+ easy. After pulling the meat from the egg I did not close the vents. It was still going 20 hours later when I went out to cover it, Still had enough charcoal left to warm up some Pulled pork for leftovers.

The XL has plenty of space. Plus you can add 2nd and 3rd layer homemade grates for even more room. Can't cook a whole hog on it but it can hold as much as your standard backyard charcoal smoker.

I am though in the market for a second one probably a medium for smaller cooks.
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it depends on the size of the butts . but i have done 6 pretty large butts. and once 8 smaller ones on my large egg useing the homemade grates 3 that i have my second large egg with grates. lots of room for doing big partys. also got it for makeing pizzas . i can really make some pizzas when i get them both going..temp control is great set it and forget it. you can do high temp cooks.. low and slow and very good on makes the best pizza and bread i have ever ate..but if your going to be moveing your pit then get the wsm thats why i have one.
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