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Legends of Texas Barbecue

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Great book on some of the old school establishments in Texas.

Great stories for the bathroom, great recipes and techniques to try in the yard or kitchen.

I'll try and dig up my copy again, posting the author, for I like to read every year or so (good winter read when you don;t get to Q as much as summer)
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Re: Legends of Texas Barbecue

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Thanks Bob.

That LA Times review pretty much sums it up.

That book was the first place I read about "plugging" a brisket.
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I think this is the only BBQ that I do not have yet.

Sounds like a good reader
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Re: Legends of Texas Barbecue

Finally found it at Barnes and Nobles.

Just started reading it. I love the short stories as well as some great recipes to try. I really have not had a shortage of recipes just a shortage of time to try them all. But good to have a reserve of them
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I was given this book about seven years ago and have read it at least a dozen times. Growing up in South Texas beef was king so I did not even know that people cooked pork ribs until I joined the Army and was stationed in Virginia. I can't wait to hand the book down to my oldest son he is only 4 but i see lots of afternoon smokes in our future.
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I love this book, I guess I just got lucky that is the first BBQ book I got. Going to try some of the Gonzales beef ribs this weekend, along with Barbara Bush's BBQ Sauce.

I really love the stories about Texas history, the influence of various regions, etc. Even if there were no recipes in the thing it would still be a great read. Hell if they used a book like this to teach history in schools it would much less boring!
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A fun read - got my copy courtesy of my brother this past Christmas.
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I was given this book as a gift several years ago and have read it cover to cover several times. Great book!!! For me, this is the way a cookbook should be written!

Another good one if you like the historical aspect is "Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine - The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking" by Joseph E. Dabney. This book is full of interviews with the older generation of Southern "Mountain" people and full of their recounts of the old days along with recipes... (there is even a chapter on moonshine!!!).
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I just ordered the Legends of BBQ book. 


Rob Walsh (Legends author) also wrote Tex Mex cooking is also a favorite.  My husband is originally from Corpus Christi, we are living outside of DC and there are NO good Tex Mex restaurants around here.  Since they always just ate Tex Mex out he has no idea how to cook Tex Mex, and we've found some great simple recipes in the book.  Walsh has a Tex Mex Grilling book out now.


Thanks for the Appalachian cookbook reference!  That's where my people are from, my cousin Gary was making moonshine the last time I saw him, may he rest in peace.

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