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Well, Hello there

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Hi, thanks for offering me a spot to sit back crack open a cold one, and sniff a little of the smoke in the air. I see a lot of old friends here, so I thought I would stop by and say hi. I never have, nor do I ever plan to compete, I like to cook for the family, and some friends. I live in the area of Long Beach in Southern California, so I que pretty much year around except for those three days it rains. After the last time the family moved I had to put my WSM at my parents home. I am thinking of getting an ECB, but can not figure out where to put it at this apartment. There is a grill in the courtyard and the neighbors know I love to cook out there.

Been at this for over 3 years, and I am looking forward to learn new things from new friends.

Gotta open another cold one, anybody else want one?
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Welcome Ice,

Good to see you've pulled up a chair at the Smoking Meat Forum.

Great bunch of folks here, lots of back yard types like yourself, and a few competitors here and there.

But the emphasis here has been helping out the new guys lately, and thats what we like to do.

And there's also seasoned cookers here with some great ideas to add to your arsenal (Search "Wicked Beans")

Glad to see another friendly face.
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Good to see you! Seems to be a lot of really nice people around here, so you'll fit right in.
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Welcome to the SMF, Ice. The nice thing about this site is it's friendly folks and their willingness to share. Glad that you found some old friends here and I hope that you make some new ones as well.

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Nice Avatar! No matter what, I'm going to like your Q!
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Re: Well, Hello there

Ice, Welcome friend. Great to see you here wink.gif
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