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My Little Lang

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As a new member, I wanted to let you guys see what I'm working with. Its a great little smoker, and the only complaint I have is that sometimes I need more space! If you are looking for a real smoker, the only advice I can give is to buy as much as you can afford and store!
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Re: My Little Lang


That's funny

Nice pit Noah. I can't recall if I ever saw that.
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Its little compared to Bob's monster in his avitar! Still, most of my cooking is for family and friends, and I do it for fun. Any money we might see just goes to offset the cost of this hobby. I probably use my BSKD as much as I use the Lang. Also, I have a heck of a lot to learn, but that is the best part of cooking!
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If that is a little smoker, then my WSM must rank as microscopic?
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Hey, I want a WSM next! That's a great little smoker, especially when you leave the water pan empty! If only they made an Oprah sized model...
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I will trade you my WSM for your lang. When do you want me to take off from work to drive it out to you?
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Is that what it takes to meet a left coast fanatic? Did anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like the Governator?
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Re: My Little Lang

:lol: nmayeux, mine's a little bigger than the one in my avatar. wink.gif

At least you're getting to use yours. :D We've entered another burn ban due to drought conditions and if it continues there won't be any fireworks on the 4th. :(

I have a friend that sold his Lang to get the next size model up from mine. :shock:

How do you like the reverse flow design of your smoker? Does it have even temperatures across the pit or is there a hot spot as with most smokers?
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Texas is a big state when one half is under a burn ban and the other is under water! As for the Lang, the reverse flow really shines in the smaller smokers. You still have a hotter spot, but the real hot spot is eliminated giving you the maximum cooking space, which is crucial when space is an issue. You have some control of the heat distribution by raising and lowering the hitch end, and if you really want even cooking temps, you can fill the baffle with water. A really neat design, but nowhere near the flexibility you have with the huge smokers like you use!
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I saw my first Lang smoker this weekend at the KCBS cook off in Grand Rapids. This looks like it is in the running for my next smoker.

Would you recommend this unit? What are some of the pros and cons of it.

From what I can tell the plate on the bottom of the tank helps move the heat around and keeps it pretty even. Have you found this to be true too?
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I love my Lang 60, and when I replace it, it will be with an 84 Deluxe with chargriller. The pros are that it is a great smoker which wins a lot of comps, and is extremely even cooking with the reverse flow design. I believe that this is the best smoker for the price. The cons are probably the level of refinement. When you compare the Langs to a Klose or Jamie Greer pit, they look a little rough around the edges. However, I use mine, and am not afraid to get it dirty! Also, Ben Lang does not make pits as large as some of the other manufacturers, and the reverse flow only has an advantage to a certain size smoker. But as you can tell by my pics, the 60 is a pretty big smoker!

Edit: The referse flow baffle eliminates the hot spot (you will always have warmer and cooler spots), and makes this cooker extremely even cooking. If you look at my pics, you can see that you can use the entire smoke box, which is the advantage to this style cooker. You wouldn't dare put food that close to the fire box in a comparably sized traditional offset! ;)
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Thanks for the info. Most of what I do is just backyard smoking so I would guess that this should be large enough. However it seems that when the neighbors see the smoke coming from the backyard it is kind of like the commercial when the guy calls that that so and so is smoking Johnsonville brats.
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I started that way, now I regularly use both the Lang and the BSKD. I didn't have a clue as to how many people crave real Q. The only reason I bought the 60 over the 84 is that is the largest smoker that I could store in my garage, as I have too many toys! However, the model 60 is the perfect size for what you are looking to do. I have no problem firing it up to cook a butt and a couple of racks of ribs. Its that easy to use.
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Well if you get a burning desire (pun intended) to upgrade please let me know if you are willing to part with your 60 so that you can get the 84. That is if you find room in your toy box
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Re: My Little Lang

It will be a while, but for $2,000 you can't beat the price on a new one! The funny thing is that you rarely come across a used Lang for sale. Here is a pic of my garage, and a pic of my next smoker!
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Re: My Little Lang

Hey Noah,

Does yoiur OL bitch because she can't park the car in the garage :?: :P

MINE does, makes me happy. :D Keeps her focused on the small sh-t :!:
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Good point it is only money and I have yet to see a U-haul behind a Hearst
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Took the words right out of my mouth!
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I just saw this picture Noah.

Your like me

You got so much chit in your garage, you have to park the car up on a hook on the wall
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Try that after a few cocktails!
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