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If you are like me and didn't know what a Turducken was check out this web site; [google] http://www.chefpaul.com/turducken.html[/google]

Has anyone ever tried to smoke one of these things? Looks like a lot of prep work with all the boning. :roll:
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Cajun, they are alot of work. I've done three of them and after the last one I said that I would NEVER do another one. That was 15 years ago and I haven't done another one since. Sure I've been asked to do 'em but I have held fast even with lots of that spending green being waved in front of my face.

If you were to smoke one, I don't think that much of the smoke would get mush past the turkey part, but then that's just my $.02.
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That's kinda what I thought, Dutch. Way too much trouble for what you're going to get out of it.

I am always looking for something different to try but not THAT different.
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But you have to admit, the late Justin Wilson made them look interesting.
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Re: Turducken

Justin or as we called him Geestan, made everything look interesting. He is centainly missed :cry:
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